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They need help

Azizmoukhammadi Begmakhmad, 8 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect (CHD). The boy’s state of health is bad; there is much to be done to save him and it will cost a lot. The whole village had collected money for the boy and his mother so that they could fly to Moscow; but it turned out that it was an easy task. The family will be able to pay for the operation only if you help in collecting RUB 304 100. Please, help!

Emergency aid

The project «Emergency aid» aims to deal with issues of «life and death» that can’t wait, because any delay of help can lead to the tragic results. Your support of this project can dramatically change many lives.

Khamadijeva Vera, 4 months old

Diagnosis: Juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML). This is a very rare kind of blood cancer; only one method of treatment could be applied here, it is bone marrow transplantation. But Vera is too small to undergo such an operation; at the same time, she has little chance to live till the operation without you help. We beg you to help in paying for the medicine Azacitidin; taking the course of the medicine will make it possible for the girl to wait till she is grown up enough to undergo the operation. The drug is not used in this country; the family needs RUB 2 353 500 to collect the necessary sum for the treatment in Germany.

Success stories

Batyajev Dmitry, 27 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy (CP). Dmitry lives an active lifestyle, though to be able to walk he requires special equipment for his legs. He has to use simple and cheap devices, so he is dragging along six kilos of extra weight on his feet, and is moving them with a great difficulty. He dreams of using their counterparts that are lighter and more portable — his life would change for the better to a certain extant. But he has no money to buy the devices. His family does not manage to help him, as his younger sister also has Cerebral palsy (CP); now their parents are spending all their savings on treating the girl. It will cost RUB 234 422 to manufacture special equipment for Dmitry. We beg you for help!

Savchenko Nastya, 13 years old

Diagnosis: Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). The progression of the disease is not as rapid as it could have been, because Nastya is getting effective treatment and uses specialised orthopaedic apparatus. It costs a large sum of money; and without the help of compassionate people the girl’s state of health would have got much worse. You give Nastya a helping hand not for the first time: this year you have already helped to pay for a special corset at a cost of EUR 3 679 (RUB 264 888) to fix her spine. Thanks a lot!

Tatarova Dasha, 7 years old

Diagnosis: Nephropathic cystinosis. This illness is incurable, but its progression can be prevented, if the girl permanently takes the medicines called Cystagon. The drug is very expensive, and each month the sum of RUB 100 000 should be spent to buy it. The Tatarov family will not manage to raise such a sum, as the parents’ income is not sufficient enough. We beg you to help in collecting RUB 248 220 to buy the medicine for Dasha for the next six months.

Varankhina Vika, 8 years old

Diagnosis: Progressive muscular atrophy. Vika does not have enough strength to hawk properly. She does not have strong immunity, so she often catches cold. As a result, phlegm accumulates in her lungs and makes it difficult to breathe. Moreover, it creates a stimulating environment for infections to reproduce. We beg you to help to buy for Vika a percussion flow ventilation device at a cost of RUB 299 000.

About The Foundation

Pomogi.Org (“Pomogi!” means “Help!” in Russian) is the charity foundation officially registered in the USA and in Russia in October 2005. Pomogi.Org focuses on target-oriented programs, aimed at raising funds and collecting donations to be provided for those in need. Everything that you give goes directly to beneficiaries, whose stories are thoroughly verified.

Thank you for your big heart!

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