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They need help

Emergency aid

The project «Emergency aid» aims to deal with issues of «life and death» that can’t wait, because any delay of help can lead to the tragic results. Your support of this project can dramatically change many lives.

Nazarova Varvara, 5 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy (CP), Hydrocephalus. After a long period of treatment and a number of failed operations, Varya, at last, is starts getting better; and the progression is steady. The only problem is that her mother has no money to support a dynamic change in the state of health. They need your help in raising RUB 96 000 to pay for the treatment course in a rehabilitation centre.

Pozigunov Cyril, 3 years old

Diagnosis: Central nervous system lesion, Hip dislocations. Cyril has undergone a number of operations, which will allow him to learn how to stand and walk. Now he needs a course of rehabilitation; but his family with five kids has no money to pay for the rehabilitation course or to buy domestic assistive technology. We beg you to help the family to gain for Cyril the recommended support walker at a cost of RUB 173 523.

Varankhina Vika, 8 years old

Diagnosis: Progressive muscular atrophy. Vika does not have enough strength to hawk properly. She does not have strong immunity, so she often catches cold. As a result, phlegm accumulates in her lungs and makes it difficult to breathe. Moreover, it creates a stimulating environment for infections to reproduce. We beg you to help to buy for Vika a percussion flow ventilation device at a cost of RUB 299 000.

Success stories

Kalashnick Yaroslav, 8 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital right-side thoracic scoliosis. Doctors strongly recommend that the boy should permanently wear the Cheneau corset to stop the progression of the spinal curvature. It costs RUB 90 000 to make the corset. There are three children in Yaroslav’s family, and their parents will not manage to bear such a great expense on their own. They do need your help!

Kovalenko Arina, 9 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy (CP), developmental dysplasia of the hips (DDH) The doctors in Germany are awaiting Arina for replacing joint braces. It lacks EUR 3 844 for the operation. The family is economically disadvantaged, so Arina’s relatives will not manage to raise the sum on their own. We beg you for help!

Kozlova Sophia, 4 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital Vascular Malformation (CVM) of the left side of the face. The girl desperately needs to take medicine ‘Rapamune’ for a long time. It costs RUB 158 400. Her single mother does her best to bring up three children. She will not manage to raise such a sum on her own. But you have given her a helping hand. Thank you very much!

Shihaliev Marat, 17 years old

Diagnosis: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Marat suffers from hip dislocations which resulted from hip fracture. Now he cannot sit, cannot get out of bed for 9 months and feels immense pain at the slightest movement. The operation should correct the situation, but it is too expensive for Marat’s mother. It costs RUB 382 420. We beg for your help!

About The Foundation

Pomogi.Org (“Pomogi!” means “Help!” in Russian) is the charity foundation officially registered in the USA and in Russia in October 2005. Pomogi.Org focuses on target-oriented programs, aimed at raising funds and collecting donations to be provided for those in need. Everything that you give goes directly to beneficiaries, whose stories are thoroughly verified.

Thank you for your big heart!

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