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They need help

Emergency aid

The project «Emergency aid» aims to deal with issues of «life and death» that can’t wait, because any delay of help can lead to the tragic results. Your support of this project can dramatically change many lives.

Kalinin Ilia, 5 years old

Diagnosis: Bilateral Hearing loss, a condition after having a cochlear implant (CI) implanted. Your help is required to pay for a speech processor at a cost of RUB 430 000.

Polina F., 27 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis (CF). Polina needs medical treatment. Antibiotic ’Bramitob’ could cease worthening of the acute condition that has been lasting for too long in order to bring Polina back to her habitual life: back to her job, to her husband, to her daughter. But the young woman’s family cannot afford to buy the medicine at a cost of RUB 343 500. She needs your help!

Yarovoy Nikita, 11 years old

Diagnosis: Bilateral hearing loss, Cerebral palsy. His family needs help to pay for a hearing aid at a cost of RUB 200 000. The boy has his hearing aid broken for more than two months already; and he has no chance to get it on quota neither in Ukraine, where the family had lived before they fled from the military campaign in their native town, nor in Russia, their temporary asylum. His parents cannot afford that expensive aid: apart from Nikita they have a daughter, who suffers from serious Congenital heart defect. Nikita has no chance to get a new hearing aid unless you help him.

Zaikina Julia, 27 years old

Diagnosis: autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1. On permanent basis Julia has to take the drugs that helps to maintain a normal level of calcium in the organism. This year a pump for automatic drug intake was implanted, which will enable to decrease the risk of developing negative consequences. Now the expenses on the medicine and material for the pump reach RUB 308 220. Julia has no chance to earn such a sum. She does need your help!

Success stories

Bogorskaia Iaroslava, 1 year old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. Iaroslava is only one year old, but her heart does not function already. The doctors that consult her have agreed upon the most effective date for an operation — October of the current year. The problem is her parents do not have RUB 300 000 to pay for the operation. Iaroslava has come to Moscow from Ukraine; in her mother land she has hardly any chance to be cured. She does need your help!

Jerchova Olya, 7 years old

Diagnosis: Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome (KTS). Olya’s family faced a difficult choice: whether Olya should have her leg amputated (the operation that will be performed in this country and will be free of charge), or the girl should be treated in Germany for a long time and her leg will probably be saved (and it will cost a large sum of money). Olya’s parents are trying to do their best to give the girl a chance to live life to the full. They do need your help to cope with it. The next course of treatment will cost RUB 625 175.

Malezhick Artiom, 4 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. A small hole in the boy’s heart is enlarging from day to day. Cardiac surgeons have decided that an operation should be performed. The operation itself will be free of charge, but Artiom’s parents will have to pay for the materials. The problem is they cannot afford it. We beg you to help in collecting RUB 273 644. Otherwise, there is no chance that the operation will be performed.

Slyusar Zakhar, 4 years old

Diagnosis: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, also known as Acute lymphocytic leukemia or Acute lymphoid leukemia (ALL); Down syndrome (DS or DNS). Zakhar has no chance to stay alive in his fatherland; there he is considered to be terminally ill. At present, the boy is staying at a Cancer Center in Moscow. This is a place where they know how to treat the illness, so the boy seems to have a chance. To remain alive Zakhar should not go back home. However, to stay in Moscow and to proceed with the treatment money is required. His family is lacking in RUB 500 000 to pay for another course. They do need your help!

About The Foundation

Pomogi.Org (“Pomogi!” means “Help!” in Russian) is the charity foundation officially registered in the USA and in Russia in October 2005. Pomogi.Org focuses on target-oriented programs, aimed at raising funds and collecting donations to be provided for those in need. Everything that you give goes directly to beneficiaries, whose stories are thoroughly verified.

Thank you for your big heart!

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