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They need help

Emergency aid

The project «Emergency aid» aims to deal with issues of «life and death» that can’t wait, because any delay of help can lead to the tragic results. Your support of this project can dramatically change many lives.

Kozyrenko Marina, 38 years old

Diagnosis: breast cancer, pachymenix metastases. This form of disease does not respond to hormone therapy. Doctors have proscribed for Marina two most advanced medicines: ‘Faslodex' and ‘Ibrance'. The former is included to the list of life-saving medications, so Marina got it free of charge. The latter is not present on this list, so Marina has to buy it at a cost of EUR 8226. These drugs start functioning only if are taken simultaneously. Marina has no money to buy the drug she needs and to start the course of treatment. We beg you to save Marina!

Peter Makeev, 6 years old

Diagnosis: congenital spinal hernia. It is difficult for Petya to walk and most of the time he spends in the wheelchair. A complicated diagnosis and surgical treatment that he already underwent force the child to take the special position, so it’s hard and painful for him to sit in the standard wheelchair, that the boy received. A wheelchair made by individual order, costs 251,700 rubles. But only it will give the child comfort, safety and the opportunity to become more independent. His parents do not have that kind of money. Your help is needed!

Tarakulova Aymira, 5 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. If the girl were the citizen of Russia, she would already have undergone an urgent heart operation. But the family came here from the Kyrgyz Republic to save the child, so the operation will cost RUB 434 676. Aymira’s parents do not possess such a sum, so the procedure has been postponed for several times, while the functioning of the girl’s heart is being supported by means of medicines. We beg you to help pay for the operation.

Success stories

Babayants Sonya, 9 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis. The girl's lungs are contaminated with several infections simultaneously. Her parents cannot afford a proper treatment, so with each passing day the girl's lungs are getting damaged more and more seriously. We beg you to help in buying the medicine ‘Colistin' — the only drug that can stop deterioration. The cost of the drug is RUB 190 000.

Pleshkova Ksenia, 6 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas infection. Ksenia has difficulty in breathing, as her lungs are stuffed with mucus and are damaged by infections. We beg you to take part in collecting money to buy for the girl the medicine ’Bramitob’ at a cost of RUB 161 700. This drug will clear out the girl’s lungs. Ksenia’s mother is a single parent; she will not manage to raise the sum and save her child without your help.

Savoskina Sophia, 11 months old

Diagnosis: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Sophia has several congenital developmental defects. Fortunately, all of them are curable. We beg you to help in paying for the medical procedure of setting the hip-bone without carrying out an operation; it should be performed as soon as possible not to miss the chance. Such a procedure cannot be performed in this country; to carry it out in Germany EUR 15 004 are to be raised. We beg you to help.

Shalygin Dmitry, 32 years old

Diagnosis: Acute myeloblastic leukemia. It is only marrow bone transplantation that will save Dmitry. None of his relatives appeared to be a matched donor for him; neither was a donor found in the Russian data basis. Thus, the one is to be searched for in the International Donor Search Center (Stefan Morsch Stiftung), which costs quite a sum. Today Dmitry is lacking in RUB 500 000, so that the required amount of money is raised. He badly needs your help!

Sharapudin Abdulaev, 6 years old

Diagnosis: bladder exstrophy. It is a congenital malformation of development, in which the position of the internal organs is disturbed and in which the life of the patient turns into a constant struggle with complications. Will the boy’s life be full, now depends on whether you help him. A Serbian surgeon who specializes in the treatment of this disease can help the child. 7 surgeries, made in Russia, didn’t bring results. The treatment abroad requires 13,500 Euros, which the boy’s family does not have.

Zolotukhin Kirill, 17 years old

Diagnosis: infantile cerebral palsy. Despite the illness, Kirill lives an active life: studying at school, doing sports and taking part in competitions, skydiving. And now, after the surgery, he has a chance to start walking. But for this, Kirill needs training on a special machine, that will train all muscle groups. Such a machine is too expensive for a boy’s family. We ask you to help to collect 98 000 rubles for its purchase.

About The Foundation

Pomogi.Org (“Pomogi!” means “Help!” in Russian) is the charity foundation officially registered in the USA and in Russia in October 2005. Pomogi.Org focuses on target-oriented programs, aimed at raising funds and collecting donations to be provided for those in need. Everything that you give goes directly to beneficiaries, whose stories are thoroughly verified.

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