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They need help

Emergency aid

The project «Emergency aid» aims to deal with issues of «life and death» that can’t wait, because any delay of help can lead to the tragic results. Your support of this project can dramatically change many lives.

Judina Anna, 35 years old

Diagnosis: Acute myeloblastic leukemia. Though Anna was given a course of chemotherapy, a remission was not achieved. The only chance for her to survive is to have the bone marrow transplanted. We beg you to help in paying for the matching donner, who is to be found in the international inventory. EUR 13 000 should be collected to raise the required sum.

Savoskina Sophia, 11 months old

Diagnosis: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Sophia has several congenital developmental defects. Fortunately, all of them are curable. We beg you to help in paying for the medical procedure of setting the hip-bone without carrying out an operation; it should be performed as soon as possible not to miss the chance. Such a procedure cannot be performed in this country; to carry it out in Germany EUR 15 004 are to be raised. We beg you to help.

Svistunov Ivan, 7 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital cerebrospinal hernia. Despite gloomy predictions, the boy began to walk. But his legs are not strong enough, so walking causes legs contortion. We beg you to help in buying orthoses, i. e. a special orthopaedic prosthesis, to fix the legs in a normal position. They cost RUB 307 000, and Vanya’s mother will never manage to collect the required sum without your help, since apart from the boy, she has another three children.

Success stories

Balabina Ksenia, 6 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy. Muscle tone dislocates the right footstep, which results in the girl’s disability to walk. The doctors in this country do not take any steps to solve the problem. The German surgeons recommend that the girl should undergo an operation immediately: the longer it is delayed the more difficult the process of rehabilitation will be, and the fewer chances to be cured the girl will have. The cost of the operation is EUR 17 118. We beg you for help!

Dobryanskiy Sergey, 28 years old

Diagnosis: Spinal cord trauma. Sergey underwent a unique operation, so now he has every chance to restore his ability to move. But this chance will be lost, unless he starts to get a special course of rehabilitative training. Sergey does not possess enough money to pay for the course at a cost of RUB 308 000. He does need your help!

Ilya P., 15 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas infection. To kill the infection in the lungs, Ilya needs to be given a course of treatment with the medicine ‘Colistin’. Otherwise, the disease will proceed in destructing the tissue of internal organs and thus trigger complications. The problem is the family does not possess RUB 255 200 to pay for the drug. They need your help urgently!

Minibayev Sasha, 8 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. Though the defect is not that serious, even ‘simple’, as the doctors put it, it affects greatly the boy’s health and life — it causes weariness, developmental delay. We beg you to help in paying for operating theater equipment at a cost of RUB 273 644, so that the doctors could cure the defect.

Shoushpannikhov Roman, 5 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, dislocation of the hip joints. Roma’s main disease is being treated successfully; courses of rehabilitation enable to overcome its consequences. But the dislocations prevent the boy from putting weight on his legs; consequently, he cannot learn how to walk. We beg you to assist in paying for the operation on the hip joints at a cost of RUB 2 000 000. The family will not cope with the problem unless you help them.

About The Foundation

Pomogi.Org (“Pomogi!” means “Help!” in Russian) is the charity foundation officially registered in the USA and in Russia in October 2005. Pomogi.Org focuses on target-oriented programs, aimed at raising funds and collecting donations to be provided for those in need. Everything that you give goes directly to beneficiaries, whose stories are thoroughly verified.

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