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About Pomogi.Org Charity Foundation

The charity Internet foundation Pomogi.Org in different countries joins Internet users’ energies to collect most effective and distribute purposeful donations to a critical and urgent need for social and medical purposes (i.e. for operations, for expensive courses of medical treatment, or to help children or medical establishments in Russia).

The foundation helps those in need irrespective of their age, illness, place of registration or citizenship. Thanks to our benefactors hundreds of people have received emergency help and support.

All the financial reports about collected and distributed funds are published on the website. Every benefactor has an opportunity to control what were their donations spent on. We promptly inform our users about the process of collecting money, as well as about the results of treatment and other kinds of help.

The main programmes:


The Pomogi.Org Foundation has been functioning since March 2005; the foundation received a formal registration in October 2005.

Currently the foundation has a staff of four members; you may acquaint yourself with them in the corresponding section of our website.

The foundation acts in accordance with the Articles of Association, which are available on this website.

What You Can Do

You can transfer money to the foundation bank accounts or donate online. You will find the details of how you can make a donation in the “What you can do” section.

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