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General Principles of Foundation Activities

1. Russian law allows charitable organizations to retain 20 percent of the funds raised for their own needs (salaries to the staff, tenancy payments, operational costs, etc). This is fair, because otherwise it would be unclear how non-profit organizations would exist. But we could not agree with that. We believe that when a person donates a dollar for the medical treatment of a child, the child should receive the entire amount to the last cent. That is how our Foundation functions. Our overheads are covered by the founders or at the expense of donations made specifically for the purpose.

2. Charity donations made through bank transfers, payment systems, or other financial institutions entail transaction costs, as all those institutions charge fees for their services. This is normal, but a child, the recipient of a charitable donation, as well as the donor do not carry any costs. The Foundation assumes all transaction costs: we cover all the fees at our own expense. We are working with the banks on agreements which would allow future transactions on preferential terms for the servicing of charitable transfers.

3. Inadequate information on those in need, their requirements and contact data constitute the most serious threat for online charities. People taking part in charity programs are often justly disappointed to learn that their donations have failed to reach the intended recipients. That is why the Foundation only publishes verified data as our staff members thoroughly check all applications, either themselves or with the help of our partner charities.

4. Pursuant to the Articles of Association, our Foundation renders assistance to the residents of the Russian Federation. That means that the Foundation is allowed to distribute charitable donations only within the boundaries of the Russian Federation. It should be noted that “residents” does not necessarily imply “nationals”. Our activities are not subject to any restrictions regarding the nationality, ethnicity or religion of the recipients.

5. The Foundation recognizes no ideological restrictions when entering partnerships with charitable, religious or public organization, or private individuals for the purposes of cooperation on charitable projects. We welcome donations from various religious groups, political parties, public figures, only provided that their activities or ideology do not contradict the law of the Russian Federation.

6. The Foundation pledges to ensure full transparency of all the fund raising campaigns to donors. We report on each and every kopeck (cent) spent, providing comprehensive information on each source and recipient of every transaction (excluding cases where donors wish to remain anonymous).

What You Can Do

You can transfer money to the foundation bank accounts or donate online. You will find the details of how you can make a donation in the “What you can do” section.

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