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The Team of Pomogi.Org

Director General: Sarra Nezhelskaya

Full name: Elena Sergeyevna Nezhelskaya.
Born 11.07.1973

I have a degree in psychology and a second degree in PR and advertising. I have a 12-year-old son Dmitry, diagnosed with ICP, infantile cerebral paralysis. Until 2003 I worked in the advertising department of the Ecco-Ros company, but in November 2003, after my younger sister died of AIDS, I resigned and established the Dobroye Delo (Kind Deed) children's charity. Alexander Trif, CEO at High Technologies Bank, was the organization's founder. Since then I have raised about two million rubles for charity. My friends and colleagues call me Sarra, after the Biblical character Sarah. I am a co-founder and Director General of the Pomogi.Org Internet charity fund. I hope to change the Russian attitude towards people in need.


Financial Manager: Mila Shakhmatova

I was born in 1982. At university I specialized in philology and now I’m studying for a degree in economics. I started working for charity projects quite by chance. I work for Pomogi.Org because it makes me feel I can really help a sick child and do something to make the world better.


Accountant: Valentina Alexeyevna Semyonova

Valentina graduated from a statistics high school in 1968, the economy faculty of the Soviet Trade Institute in 1978, as well as courses for accountants in 1997 and professional accountants in 2002. She used to work as an economist and director at a food plant, but in 1999 started keeping accounts for non-commercial organizations. «I have always helped people because it is natural for me, and then at 50 I changed my profession. My motto is: If you help at least one person, you have not lived your life in vain.»

Volunteers and assistants

Varya Ermakova
Julia Buturlina
Maria Zalunina
Micshenko Pavel
Anna Shkolnik
Katerina Egorova
Natalia Shikina
Viktoria Tyshkevich
Lidiya Grechina
Renata Rozovskaya
Lena Kostyleva
Dasha Sviridova
Petya Andreyev
Natalia Sapetskaya
Alexandra Cherkasova
Mikhail Petrushin
Yuri Matrosovich
Sonia Ovsiannikova

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