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The best gift

It is a great pleasure — to give and to receive gifts! Especially if it’s not a trinket , but something really valuable, touching and significant. Give your friends, parents or colleagues something that will save child’s life , ask those who love you to give you the opportunity to help a child instead of a box with a ribbon. That would be a real gift!

How many times before the birthday we get the obsessive question: «What do you want as a gift?» All the stuff that you need you already have and a villa in Europe is not expected to arrive as a gift. But now your friends and colleagues spared the headaches, they can give you a perfect gift — valuable and necessary — such as saving somebody’s life.

How this works

  • Your birthday is approaching, and you have decided to take part in the action «The best gift». Please contact us by email, provide your date of birth and leave a contact details for the feedback.
  • On the action page we will publish the information about the launch of a new birthday fundraising event. For example, «August 7th is a birthday of Ivan Petrov. He believes that the best gift from his friends is participation in this action. Donations can be placed from August 6th to 8th.»
  • You distribute the information about the action among your friends and colleagues (posting the weblink in the social media, by e-mail, etc)
  • Your friends chose the payment method for their donation (the right column) on the action page such as bank transfer, by credit card or from the personal account in YandexDengi or WebMoney. In the details field the name of the campaign «The best gift» will be indicated automatically as the purpose of the transfer.
  • After the fundraising campaign is over, you will chose to whom the collected funds will be donated from the list «They need help».
12 June 2015

Happy Birthday, Marina and Andrei!

Some time ago, Marina and Andrei were born the same day and the same year. It was meant that one day they had met each other, fell in love and got married. In a few days the happy couple will celebrate their double birthday and would like to invite family and friends to celebrate this special day by doing a good deed.

Marina and Andrei decided to join the charity action — «The best gift». They are accepting congratulations from June 12 to 17 June, and ask family and friends to consider donation to the charity fund as a gift for their birthdays. The ability to help someone who needs help — the most desired gift for Marina and Andrei. The fundraising is open!

Irina and Vladislav Strashnenko 24.06.2015 1000 USD
Галина Мельникова 19.06.2015 10 000 руб.
Fam Hudymac Robert and Diana 18.06.2015 47 216 руб. (800 EUR)
Ольга и Сергей Плаксины 15.06.2015 30 000 руб.
Ирина и Дмитрий Елисеевы 15.06.2015 30 000 руб.
Olga 15.06.2015 5 000 руб.

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