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Emergency aid

The project «Emergency aid» aims to deal with issues of «life and death» that can’t wait, because any delay of help can lead to the tragic results. Your support of this project can dramatically change many lives.

We often get in such situations when there’s no time for fund-rising. These are such cases of emergency when we need to buy a medicine or to pay for a surgery right here and right now. It happens really often because nobody knows when he can become ill. The most terrible part of our job is to be late, to lose a child that we could save, only because of lack of just a few days for fund-rising. That’s why we decided to create the project that you can support not knowing who you help but being sure that your donation saves someone’s life.

The project «Emergency aid» exists just for the cases when every minute is important. We would be grateful to everyone for the support! In this project you can help those who already lost their hopes. Launching the «Emergency help» we depend on your trust to our fund and on sympathy to those who need it.

You can always find the records of spent money and the stories of people who got help on the project page.

You can make a donation or help us otherwise:

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