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Bondarchuk (boy)


Diagnosis: Congenital heart disorder, hypoplastic left heart. The child needs surgery shortly after birth and a subsequent surgery at 3 months. The estimated delivery date is June 9. The child needs your help to pay for treatment.
16 May 2012

From mother’s letter:

My long-desired little boy has a congenital heart disorder (hypoplastic left heart, aortic atresia, mitral stenosis, endocardial fibroelastosis). The baby is to be born soon. Shortly after birth he needs heart surgery. Such a diagnosis requires performing three complicated operations. We stand too little chance of saving our baby in Russia. According to non-official statistics only 10% of such children survive as our surgeons do not have enough experience with these operations and to subsequent special care nurseries. We have consulted many Russian specialists; the general opinion is that the problem is very challenging, the disorder is complex and in Russia the baby is doomed to multi-staged, painful operations. Therefore we were advised to seek help abroad.

I learned from the internet and through Russian doctors about a clinic in Berlin where such newborn patients have been successfully operated on for many years. They have a survival rate of over 50%. It was Doctor Ovrutsky S.B., a pediatric cardiac surgeon from the German Cardiac Centre in Berlin who offered us hope. According to him if the delivery is in Berlin and the first operation is performed during the first few hours of the baby’s life and the second is done within 3 months, then we will be successful! And the baby’s quality of life will not differ from those of other children.

Having studied all available information on my baby’s diagnosis as well as the experience and client notes of the Berlin clinic I became convinced that my baby has a chance to be born and live like many healthy children! But the delivery itself and the subsequent surgery require an enormous sum of money — 105,135 euro. My parents have sold their flat. We have sold our car. All our relatives gave us their savings. But still it is not enough. Currently I don’t’ work. Our family is kept by my husband. We have one more daughter who is 4.5 years old. Therefore, I’m kindly asking you to help me in raising enough money. Please help me to save my child! I am begging for my baby to live! I want to give him a chance to live a full life!

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