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Our Main Programs

Continuous programs of our foundation.

Cystic Fibrosis Help Program

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the most widespread genetic disorder. Around 15,000 Russians are diagnosed with this condition. Patients with CF may have long and fulfilling lives as long as they receive their medications. We ask you to support this project and facilitate the purchase of life-saving drugs for children with CF.

Cerebral Palsy Help Program

It is possible to overcome the developmental disabilities associated with cerebral palsy; the earlier treatment begins the better chance children have. If the rehabilitation is performed properly, a child may forget about his/her disability and become a fully functional member of society. Because of your help, dozens of children with cerebral palsy are treated in specialized sanatoriums and rehabilitation centers.

In Aid of CHD Kids

Annually more than 20000 babies with congenital heart defect (CHD kids) are born in Russia. The earlier the defect is identified the bigger chance of timely successful treatment exists. If CHD has been operated in time, the child has every opportunity to become perfectly healthy. But very often the parents do not manage to collect a total sum for the operation on their own. In that case the stories of the children are published on our website, in order that you get an opportunity to give the children their lives.

The scholarship programme «Excellent Students»

The project «Excellent Students» was started in aid of the children, who are being brought up in families having many children and not being sufficiently provided for financial resources, in order to create equal opportunities for getting education and developing their personalities. The scholarship at a rate of RUB 30000 may be spent on education requirements, for instance, on buying computer technologies, books, school furniture, on charge for circles and extra classes or on online education.

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