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In Aid of CHD Kids

Congenital heart defects (CHD) occur in 6 — 8 cases per 1000 births. They take first place in the death rate of newborns and children under one year. The earlier the defect is identified the bigger chance of timely successful treatment exists. If CHD has been operated in time, the child has every opportunity to become perfectly healthy.

Annually more than 20000 CHD kids are born in Russia. At most a half of vital operations are performed each year at the state budget’s expense. 50% of CHD kids will die in the first six months of their life, unless they get specialist medical help; another 25% will die during a year.

Within the framework of the programme in aid of CHD kids we collaborate with several Russian cardiological centres; but the better part of those under the fund’s wardship is operated in the First Children’s Hospital in Saint Petersburg. An average cost of an open heart operation is RUB 236000, i.e. somewhat larger than $ 7500. A child’s life depends on timeliness of treatment. But very often the parents do not manage to collect a total sum for the operation on their own. In that case the stories of the children are published on our website, in order that you get an opportunity to give children their lives.

We would like to ask you to support the project and donate a sum of money with the note ‘In Aid of CHD Kids’. This will allow us to give a quick help to children who are awaiting an emergence heart operation.

You can make a donation or help us otherwise:

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