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Cerebral Palsy Help Program

It is possible to overcome the developmental disabilities associated with cerebral palsy; the earlier treatment begins the better chance children have. If the rehabilitation is performed properly, a child may forget about his/her disability and become a fully functional member of society. Because of your help, dozens of children with cerebral palsy are treated in specialized sanatoriums and rehabilitation centers.

Approximately 1.5 million children in Russia are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This is a condition associated with impaired movement, muscular activity, and coordination. Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the motor control centers or motor pathways and can occur during pregnancy or childbirth; it is seen more frequently as a result of cerebral hemorrhage in preterm children born with asphyxia.

Cerebral palsy is a major hurdle to both the family and their child — it takes a huge effort to overcome the disease and to help a child to integrate to society. Statistically, a father is more likely to desert a family in a situation like this, as they fail to withstand the psychological burden. Moms have to quit their jobs and dedicate all their lives to the child. Even with both parents working, it may not be easy to earn enough money for quality equipment and rehabilitation, as both come with a hefty price tag.

The treatment of cerebral palsy includes complex rehabilitation, consisting of medications, massage therapy, physical therapy, surgery, and various orthopedic options, such as casting, prosthetic surgery, and orthotic devices. It is possible to overcome the disability, but it takes years of hard work. The earlier treatment begins the better chance is to succeed. If the rehabilitation is performed properly, a child may forget about his/her disability and become a fully functional member of society. Certainly, this would require lots of tablets, surgical procedures, and massages — but aren? t these expenditures ultimately worth it?

Regrettably, we cannot help every single family who asks for it — the donations for children with cerebral palsy accumulate slowly, and the number of those waiting for their turn is growing. However, we hope that this situation will change and not a single cry for help will remain without response. From the bottom of our hearts we thank those who support the program designed to help children with cerebral palsy.

Please help

Arhipov Tolya, 5 years

The boy does not walk yet, does not sit unaided, does not speak. His father who is bringing up the son on his own, works a lot in order to provide for Tolya and to pay expenses for the nanny, doctors and current medical treatment. He has saved money for one course of treatment in specialised rehabilitation centre „Ortos“. The treatment has very much helped Tolya. But Tolya’s father is unable to raise money for one more course. Please, help Tolya to continue his treatment! Cost of a rehabilitation course is 70,000 Rubles ($2,260 or €1,628).

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