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Success stories

The full list of success stories you can find at Russian version.

Abbakumov Kirill, 12 years old

Diagnosis: epilepsy. During the past 12 years Kirill was on 11 different medications, but none of those helped. Therefore, he needs a surgery that can be done in an American clinic. Unfortunately, Russian doctors do not have the necessary experience, the child cannot be saved in Russia. The surgery costs 83,350 dollars. Kirill’s parents have collected half the money, but without your help they can never get it all.

Abduazimova Madina, 8 months

The diagnosis: a congenital heart disease. The girl needs 180 000 roubles for the urgent heart operation.

Abramova Kristina, 8 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy. Kristina’s parents don’t have money to pay for the rehabilitation course in Yevpatoria. The course should be taken as soon as possible; it is the obligatory part of rehabilitation after the surgery. We ask for your help to collect 170370 rubles for Kristina.

Agejkin Vladimir, 20 years old

Diagnosis: mucoviscidosis, Ps. aeroginosa infection. In order to save Vladimir’s lungs, he needs regular antibiotics therapy. The «colistin» antibiotic will help to suppress the Ps. aeroginosa infection in the lungs and save Vladimir’s life. The cost of the treatment is 193,071 rubles.

Akhmedova Julia, 30 years old

Diagnosis: consequences of occasional violation of the spinal circulation, breast cancer. Since she was 15, the girl has been paralyzed; she cannot move without a wheelchair. This year she was diagnosed cancer, so that she has to go to hospital very often and thus to use transport. We beg you to assist Julia in buying a special hoisting device at a cost of RUB 110 000, which will help her to transfer from the wheelchair to the car single-handedly.

Aleksandrovskaya Alina, 10 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas aeruginosa. Alina’s lungs are being destroyed by infection that does not react to most antibiotics. Only Toby can fight the infection, but unfortunately it is not in the list of medication that can be obtained for free. One course of treatment consists of 3 pack of medicine with the total cost of 262,995 rubles (9,500 dollars).

Alekseeva Masha, 11 years old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. In her short life Masha had three heart surgeries, but her treatment is not finished yet. Her heart needs to be prepared for further corrections with a very expensive medicine sildenafil («Viagra»). One course lasts 6 months and costs 273,600 rubles (7,060 USD). Masha’s mom raises her alone, so she cannot earn that much money. Masha needs the medicine urgently!

Alem Assefa, 24 years

Alem Assefa was beaten up by unknown attackers on the Moscow metro 18 months ago. Police suspected racial motives in the beating. He suffered severe head injuries, and since then doctors have been trying to bring him back to normal life. The outlook is positive, but the course of treatment at a specialized hospital costs 3,000 dollars a month. 80,210 rubles ($3,085) was collected and payed for Alem’s treatment.

Anastasia Kurilo, 24 years old

Diagnosis: spine trauma. To return to a normal life Nastya needs to receive treatment, but her mother and she do not have money for this treatment. Nastya has nobody else to rely on. We are asking you to help to pay for the rehabilitation course in ORTOS clinic. The cost of a course is RUR 93000.

Anvarzoda Ezozahon, 3 years old

Diagnosis: microphthalmia (underdeveloped eyes). On March 14 Ezoza must be hospitalized, she will have the second step surgery that will make her see. Ezoza’s father is a single parent to her and 3 more daughters. He was able to pay for the first step surgery, but he needs help in paying for the second. It costs 124,000 rubles (4,250 dollars).

Apanasenko Roman, 2 years old

Diagnosis: Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is required urgently. The cost of the operation is USD 75 000. The boy needs an emergency help!

Arhipov Tolya, 5 years

The diagnosis: cerebral palsy. The boy does not walk yet, does not sit unaided, does not speak. His single father works a lot, but he is unable to raise money for the special treatment. Cost of a rehabilitation course is 70,000 Rubles ($2,260 or €1,628).

Arsenty Gritsenko, 9 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Arsenty’s parents have lost three of their children because of the late diagnostics of the disease. Arsenty’s life was saved because of the timely diagnostics in the first months of life. But the disease must be conquered every day, and now the boy needs a help in this fight. He needs a drug called Colistin, the cost is USD 7,438.

Astakhov Aleksey, 23 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. The disease is slowly enfeebling Aleksey’s organism, making Aleksey lose strength. His lungs are not functioning properly so his body isn’t getting enough oxygen. An oxygen concentrator is needed to improve the ability of the lungs to function. But such devices cost a lot — 160,000 roubles, and Aleksey’s family doesn’t have the money.

Azarova Nastya, 21 years old

Diagnosis: Werdnig-Hoffman disease. Since she was a child Nastya has not left a wheelchair, she can only move her hands. Lately she has been having pain in all of her muscles as they get weaker and weaker. The only solution is the surgery that can be done in Finnish clinic Orton. It costs 42,000 euros (54,000 dollars). Nastya is asking for your help!

Azizmoukhammadi Begmakhmad, 8 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect (CHD). The boy’s state of health is bad; there is much to be done to save him and it will cost a lot. The whole village had collected money for the boy and his mother so that they could fly to Moscow; but it turned out that it was an easy task. The family will be able to pay for the operation only if you help in collecting RUB 304 100. Please, help!

Babayants Sonya, 9 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis. The girl's lungs are contaminated with several infections simultaneously. Her parents cannot afford a proper treatment, so with each passing day the girl's lungs are getting damaged more and more seriously. We beg you to help in buying the medicine ‘Colistin' — the only drug that can stop deterioration. The cost of the drug is RUB 190 000.

Baboshina Arina, 2 years old

Diagnois: Schwachman-Diamond Syndrome with transformation into myelodysplastic syndrome. The family needs help in paying for anti-fungus medicine for two months until the bone marrow transplantation that is already scheduled. The cost is 139,230 rubles (4,700 dollars).

Bagauov Kamil, 2 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect (CHD), Ebstein’s anomaly. We beg you to help in collecting money to pay for the heart operation that the boy needs badly. It will cost RUB 679 962; Kamil’s mother does not possess such a sum.

Balabina Ksenia, 6 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy. Muscle tone dislocates the right footstep, which results in the girl’s disability to walk. The doctors in this country do not take any steps to solve the problem. The German surgeons recommend that the girl should undergo an operation immediately: the longer it is delayed the more difficult the process of rehabilitation will be, and the fewer chances to be cured the girl will have. The cost of the operation is EUR 17 118. We beg you for help!

Baranov Misha, 10 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, complications. To fight pseudomonas aeruginosa, the infection that destroys his lungs, Misha needs a course of treatment with Colistin. You had already helped in buying that medicine for Misha. Now he needs your help again. The cost is 95,580 rubles (3,320 dollars).

Baranova Ekhaterina, 27 years old

Diagnosis: Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL). The disease fails to respond well to chemotherapy. The only chance to save Katya is bone marrow transplantation, but it cannot be performed unless the girl is in stable remission. The only means to do achieve this state is the medicine Adcetris; but it costs EUR 11 712. Katya's family does not posses such a sum. They need your help!

Baranovskaya Maria, 7 years

The diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas infection. The infection is rapidly destroying the lungs of the girl. The antibiotic Colistin can help to cope with this infection; however Maria’s mother cannot afford it. You helped to raise required €2000 to pay for three-months course.

Barantseva Svetlana, 34 years old

Diagnosis: vertebral column injury. Svetlana needs a new active wheelchair, which costs 104,500 rubles (approx. 3,453 US dollars). She cannot save up such an amount from her disability pension, she needs your help!

Bartosh Denis, 11 years

The diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Denis can’t walk without help, but the physicians are sure it can get better. The best time of year for Denis is summer when he can travel big distances by himself — using the orthopedic bike. Last year Denis grew up and the old bike is now too small for him. You have helped to pay for a new orthopedic bicycle for Denis, which costs 700 euros. Many thanks!

Baryaeva Masha, 2 years old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. The child needs urgent surgery that can be done in Berlin cardiology center. Total cost is 40,000 euros, the parents have already found 30,000 euros. Time is running out.

Batyajev Dmitry, 27 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy (CP). Dmitry lives an active lifestyle, though to be able to walk he requires special equipment for his legs. He has to use simple and cheap devices, so he is dragging along six kilos of extra weight on his feet, and is moving them with a great difficulty. He dreams of using their counterparts that are lighter and more portable — his life would change for the better to a certain extant. But he has no money to buy the devices. His family does not manage to help him, as his younger sister also has Cerebral palsy (CP); now their parents are spending all their savings on treating the girl. It will cost RUB 234 422 to manufacture special equipment for Dmitry. We beg you for help!

Bazarova Jannet, 7 years

The diagnosis: osteogenesis imperfect (brittle bones). Because of the illness the child suffers constant feet fractures and any incautious move can lead to an injury. To make bones strong the child needs 8—10 treatment courses in the coming three years. One course costs 70,000 Rubles ($2,260 or €1,628). We have raised money for the two courses of treatment.

Begunov Anatoliy, 11 years old

Diagnosis: progressive muscular dystrophy. Tolya’s disease is incurable. Paralysis slowly goes up from his legs to his arms and heart... We ask your help in creating comfortable conditions for Tolya: wheel chair, drugs for slowing the disease, special shoes.

Belkin Roma, 2 years old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Roma needs a second surgery that will fix his disorder. The costs are 294,010 rubles (9700 dollars). His parents cannot collect this money in short time. We ask you to help them!

Belokurova Masha, 2 years old

Diagnosis: anemia. Masha is alive because she constantly takes medicine. There is no other way to maintain the necessary level of hemoglobin and platelets in her blood. Every course of treatment with that medicine is very expensive. The family has three children and barely enough money for the necessities. Now they need 123,200 rubles (4,200 dollars) for the medicine. We are asking for your help. They need the money as soon as possible.

Beyshekeeva Aynazik, 5 years old

Diagnosis: imperfect osteogenesis. Aynazik is a «fragile» girl, she has a high bone fragility, any incautious touch may cause a bone fracture. A special medication named Pamidronate helps to reinforce the bones. One year of treatment with this medication will cost 10,000.00 dollars. It is expensive, but this is the only chance for a healthy future of the child. Aynazik’s parents do not have this amount. Your help is needed!

Boarding School No.80

The boarding school is both a school and a home for 120 handicapped children. The school needs a minibus, winter clothes and vitamin supplies. Нelp provided in the amount totalling 124,980 rubles.

Bogorskaia Iaroslava, 1 year old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. Iaroslava is only one year old, but her heart does not function already. The doctors that consult her have agreed upon the most effective date for an operation — October of the current year. The problem is her parents do not have RUB 300 000 to pay for the operation. Iaroslava has come to Moscow from Ukraine; in her mother land she has hardly any chance to be cured. She does need your help!

Bondarenko Masha, 4 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Masha’s condition is promising, but her recovery depends on whether she can receive the special rehabilitation treatment in the Clinic of professor Kozyavkin. One course costs 78,000 rubles (2,500 dollars)

Burtsev Oleg, 7 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas aeruginosa. Oleg needs a course of treatment with antibiotic Bramytob that costs 280,995 rubles (9,950 dollars).

Butman Borya, 3 years old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Borya had his first surgery when he was only one week old. He had his second one when he was 6 months old. Now he needs one more, the final surgery. German clinic has the biggest success rate, but German medical services are too expensive for Borya’s parents. We call for urgent money raising, 33,900 euros (44,700 dollars), to save the child!

Bychenko Polina, 27 years old

Diagnosis: traumatic disease of the spinal marrow. Polina is in a wheel chair because of the doctors’ mistake. In the last three years she went through several extremely difficult surgeries on her spinal cord. None of them helped. Rehabilitation gives improvements, but the process is slow, there isn’t enough money for the recommended courses 3 times a year. One such course in the Ortos center costs 102,000 rubles (3,300 dollars).

Byts Polina, 7 months old

Diagnosis: portal hypertension. Polina needs a surgery as soon as possible. The cost is 41,325 euros (58,000 dollars).

Cherednichenko Zhenya, 7 month

Diagnosis: liver cirrhosis. Due to negligence of the doctors, this little boy did not get a surgery that could had helped him on time. Now the only way he can survive is to get a parent liver transplant. You helped his family to raise required 2,660,000 rubles (85,807 US dollar or 61,860 Euro) to pay for the surgery. Thank you!

Cherkasova Ulyana, 5 years old

Diagnosis: infant cerebral palsy. Many specialists think that Ulyana has a very good potential to recover. Unfortunately, her parents simply do not have enough money to bring their daughter back to normal life. Required funds (120000 roubles or $3530) was gathered and the rehabilitation program was payed, thank you!

Chernov Andrey, 12 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. The illness is complicated with pseudomonas aeruginosa that quickly destroys lungs. Doctors have prescribed Colistin to fight the infection, but Andrey’s mom does not have the money. One course costs 191,160 rubles (6,800 dollars).

Chernukha Daniil, 8 years old

Diagnosis: infantile cerebral paralysis. Daniil needs an instrument for rehabilitation which could be used at home. One more child was born in the family, and for the parents there will be no opportunity to leave home for the boy?s treatment in the nearest future. We are asking you to help in buying a special ?Adeli? suit for Daniil. The price of the suit is 20,200 rubles.

Atso Chichich, 16 years old

Diagnosis: Multiple sclerosis. Long-term treatment with Betapheron required. A pack of Betapheron costs 1,600 Euros, 10 packs needed. Also required three plasmapheresis procedures, $900. Medication and procedures was paid.

Children's Oncology Dispensary in Balashikha

Department of children's oncology of the Balashikha Regional Oncology Dispensary needs permanent support to purchase expensive medications, diapers, sanitary urological towels, needles, band-aids and catheters — everything that is required for full-cycle treatment of each child. Vital medications for the children's department cost about $5,400 a month.

Correctional comprehensive school in Lobnya

In this correctional school there are 110 students. All children have mental disabilities. Most of them are from poor families, some are orphans. Previously provided help: new equipment for the speech therapist and the locksmithery, for a total of 114,478 rubles (3,700 dollars). Now the school needs new floor covering for the total of 132,862 rubles (4,300 dollars).

Damir Ivanov, 3 years old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder (hypoplastic left heart). It is needed to pay for the surgery in German cardiology health center, the cost is EUR 38100.

Sasha Denisenko, 7 years old

Diagnosis: leucosis.Urgently needed: money to buy Cardioxan. Aid rendered immediately: the required medicine purchased; funds to buy clothes raised; services of a nurse partially paid for.The total amount spent is $2,350.

Denisov Roma, 4 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. This fall Roma needs to have a course of casting in Yevpatoriya rehabilitation center, but his treatment might be cancelled. His parents don’t have the money — 139,720 rubles (4,853 dollars). They need your help!

Dergacheva Lydia, 38 years

The diagnosis: complications of multiple incised wounds. Lydia is partially paralyzed and moves around in a wheelchair. To restore her motor activity, physicians recommend exercising at home using mobility aids, specifically a device called the Dynamic Parapodium. The training equipment for Lydia is paid for. 37,000 roubles are transferred for her medical needs.

Dmitrieva Tanya, 13 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas aeruginosa. Tanya needs one course or treatment with Colistin, the only medicine that will fight the infection. The cost is 95,580 rubles (3,222 dollars). Please help!

Dobryanskiy Sergey, 28 years old

Diagnosis: Spinal cord trauma. Sergey underwent a unique operation, so now he has every chance to restore his ability to move. But this chance will be lost, unless he starts to get a special course of rehabilitative training. Sergey does not possess enough money to pay for the course at a cost of RUB 308 000. He does need your help!

Dogadov Artyom, 22 months old

Diagnosis: laryngeal stenosis, the boy has a tracheostoma. Doctors had to insert a tube into the tracheostoma so that Artyom didn’t suffocate. It was meant to be a temporary measure, but the boy has been living with it for 18 months already. The only doctor ready to risk and do decannulation to let Artyom breathe normally is an Israeli surgeon, whose specialty is difficult cases of laryngeal stenosis. The operation costs €12,479.

Dyachkovskaya Katya, 4 years

The diagnosis: biliary cirrhosis. In April Katya has had a liver transplantation in St-Luke Hospital (Belgium). You have helped a family to pay for their accommodation and food during the period before the operation. You have also helped with payment for the check-up in Belgium which Katya should attend in September.

Enileeva Milana, 5 years old

Diagnosis: congenital underdevelopment of the left shoulder joint, chest deformation, chest muscle atrophy. She needs a complicated surgery and treatment. In 2007 she had the first correction, the second surgery is scheduled for May 16, 2011. The cost is 164,990 rubles (5,900 dollars).

Pavel Fesenko, 20 years old

In January of this year, Pavel was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma in the pelvic bones. To continue the course of poly-chemotherapy the young man needs 8 ampoules of Neupogen. To help Pavel we must raise $2,000. Required funds was gathered, medication was paid. Thank you!

Rita Fidirko, 4 years old

Little Rita suffers from cerebral palsy and tetraparesis, she needs a course of treatment. We paid the bill of $5,805. The girl is responding well to treatment, and if it is not interrupted Rita will be able to walk and to look after herself, doctors say.

Galina B., 25 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Galina’s wish to gain some weight is not a matter of beauty, but of her life’s quality. Your help is needed for purchasing clinical nutrition to the amount of 221,228 roubles, so that the girl gathers strength to fight her illness.

Gnezdilov Kirill, 14 years

The diagnosis: cerebral palsy. The cost of the treatment course in specialised centre “Ogonek” is 130,000 Rubles ($4,333 or €2,954). Kirill’s grandmother, who raises the boy on her own, is unable to pay for the treatment.

Golubev Vsevolod, 4 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Seva has a chance for a normal life in the future. Right now his illness only shows when you see him walk. Walking problems can be fixed in the special clinic in Ukraine. Seva’s parents cannot pay for the trip right now, but the treatment is needed soon. We are asking you to help Seva!

Goncharova Sasha, 4

Sasha (Alexandra) was a premature baby, born after 6 months of pregnancy. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Ever since the day she was born, her parents have been fighting for her life and health. The doctors are giving good prognoses for the future, and recommend to continue with the rehabilitation treatment.

Goryacheva Diana, 7 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Diana shows incredible persistence in exercise therapy, she can also spend a lot of time practicing with a speech therapist or studying letters and numbers. This is all because she really wants to play with healthy kids. The doctors recommend a rehabilitation course in a specialized health resort. This course costs 72,000 rubles (2,350 USD).

Govorkov Sergey, 22 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Sergey is 22 years old, which means he can’t rely on the government’s help in purchasing medication. His condition is worsening. Only treatment with antibiotic Toby will help, but it costs 262,955 rubles (8,750 dollars).

Grigorieva Natasha, 4 years old

Clinical diagnosis: patent arterial duct (ductus arteriosus).Urgently needed: money to pay for medical treatment at the Clinic for Pediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Diseases at the German Heart Center in Munich. Funds raised to date: 15,000 euros for the operation.

Grishenko Mikhail, 26 years old

Diagnosis: spinal trauma. Mikhail needs help in paying for treatment in a specialized rehabilitation center. The cost is 104,400 rubles (3,520 dollars).

Grishin Sasha, 9 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas infection. Sasha needs urgent antibacterial therapy with Tobramycin. The treatment course cost is 265,000 rubles (approx. 8,756 US dollars). He needs your help!

Gurdina Vasilisa, 5 years

The diagnosis: cerebral palsy. People say you can’t buy health. For Vasilisa this is not quite true. She grows up, but cannot walk. However she can be treated in the rehabilitation center “Ogonek”. The price of one course is 120,000 Rubles ($3,870 or €2,790). Money for Vasilisa is collected and her treatment is paid for. Thank you!

Guseva Oksana, 7

Diagnosis: chronic (end-stage) renal disease. The little girl can be saved via a kidney translant from her mother, but this surgery requires medicine which isn't covered by the government's financial allowance. If Oksana is to survive, we need to gather 11 280 euros to pay for these drugs by mid-May.

Help the victims of flood in Krymsk

Everyone knows about the tragedy in Krasnodarsky Krai region — there is a plenty of news reports, articles, comments in the internet. It is difficult to stay indifferent after reading stories of the victims and witnesses — hundreds of dead, destroyed houses, lack of clean water and electricity. People just don’t have a place to go and to sleep. Now people need everything, from the toothbrush, pampers and just drinking water to building materials for the restoration of the buildings. We join to the fundraising for the affected families and encourage you to come forward and help.

Ignashkina Sonya, 8 months old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder, transposition of the great arteries. Sonya’s family needs help in paying for surgery in the Berlin Cardiology Center that costs 40,780 euros (56,800 dollars). Right after she was born, Sonya spent 2 months in cardiology resuscitation unit. She had 4 surgeries, but to save her life she needs one last one, done by German doctors.

Maksim Ignatiev, 13 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Maksim’s father is his only parent. He does everything he can for his son, but he cannot afford by himself the treatment necessary. We would like to ask you kindly to help Maksim get to the Evpatoria Central Children’s Clinical Sanatorium for a course of plaster cast treatment. The voucher to the sanatorium costs 164,910 rubles (approx. $5,297).

Ignatov Maxim, 6 years

The diagnosis: consequences of the closed craniocereberal injury. Next year Maxim will go to school. It is necessary for him to receive full medical treatment in order to restore the movement activity. Cost of a course is 130,000 Rubles ($4,190 or €3,023). The treatment is paid for.

Igor K., 10 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas infection. To continue the course of treatment the boy has to take the drugs at a cost of RUB 428 400. The family does not possess such a sum. We beg you for a help!

Ilya P., 15 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas infection. To kill the infection in the lungs, Ilya needs to be given a course of treatment with the medicine ‘Colistin’. Otherwise, the disease will proceed in destructing the tissue of internal organs and thus trigger complications. The problem is the family does not possess RUB 255 200 to pay for the drug. They need your help urgently!

Isokhzhonova Mohidil, 13 years old

Diagnosis: Ostesarcoma of the right femur. The illness has damaged the bone tissue, so now it is inevitable that the girl should use a prosthesis. The family has already spent all their savings on the four-month course of treatment in Russia; thus, they have no money to pay for the operation. We beg you to assist in collecting RUB 623 036 to proceed with the treatment. The girl’s family cannot do without your help!

Ivanov Dima, 5

Dima suffers from cerebral palsy. His family needs our help to pay for a course of dolphin-therapy, which costs 15 000 Roubles. The course is scheduled for March 1st. We have collected the necessary amount.

Ivanov Ilya, 8 months

Diagnosis: Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome. There are very few children with such diagnosis. In Russia no one has experience in treating these kids. Here Ilyusha doesn’t have a chance for survival. The necessary treatment can be done in Germany. The surgery costs 196,000 euros (273,000 dollars). It is a lot of money, but it can save the little boy’s life. He needs your help!

Ivashchenko Luba, 13 years old

Diagnosis: Kidney hypoplasia, End-stage chronic kidney failure. Transplantation is the only way to save the girl. Luba’s mother will become a kidney donor for the girl and will provide her with the organ. We beg you to help in purchasing the medicine ‘Soliris’ at a cost of RUB 525 000. It is to be injected during the operation to minimize the risk of rejection of the transplant and to maintain its functioning.

Jerchova Olya, 7 years old

Diagnosis: Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome (KTS). Olya’s family faced a difficult choice: whether Olya should have her leg amputated (the operation that will be performed in this country and will be free of charge), or the girl should be treated in Germany for a long time and her leg will probably be saved (and it will cost a large sum of money). Olya’s parents are trying to do their best to give the girl a chance to live life to the full. They do need your help to cope with it. The next course of treatment will cost RUB 625 175.

Judina Anna, 35 years old

Diagnosis: Acute myeloblastic leukemia. Though Anna was given a course of chemotherapy, a remission was not achieved. The only chance for her to survive is to have the bone marrow transplanted. We beg you to help in paying for the matching donner, who is to be found in the international inventory. EUR 13 000 should be collected to raise the required sum.

Kalashnick Yaroslav, 8 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital right-side thoracic scoliosis. Doctors strongly recommend that the boy should permanently wear the Cheneau corset to stop the progression of the spinal curvature. It costs RUB 90 000 to make the corset. There are three children in Yaroslav’s family, and their parents will not manage to bear such a great expense on their own. They do need your help!

Kalinin Ilia, 5 years old

Diagnosis: Bilateral Hearing loss, a condition after having a cochlear implant (CI) implanted. Your help is required to pay for a speech processor at a cost of RUB 430 000.

Kalyuzhin Styopa, 5 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect (Coarctation of the aorta, CoA). The child has to undergo an operation that requires specialist medical equipment. The operation itself is free of charge, but the family has to pay for the equipment. It costs RUB 135 400, and the family cannot afford it. We beg you to help Styopa!

Kaminskaya Ksyusha, 11 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Ksyusha is a talented and intelligent girl, she sings at different contests and wins first prizes. Her biggest dream is to learn to walk. Ksyusha is asking for your help again. She needs to take a course of rehabilitation in Yevpatoria that costs 106,650 rubles (3,700 dollars).

Karabin Ivan, 5 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Vanya has an older sister, who also is disabled. Their parents are struggling to pay for all the necessary treatment. Just like any other parents they want to see their kids healthy. Vanya needs a rehabilitation course that costs 133,160 rubles (4,800 dollars). He can’t get that treatment without your help.

Kazakov Andrew, 6

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy. Andrey’s dad is the only care-giver for Andrey and his older sister, Lena. Their mother died. Andrey needs to be well to protect his sister in the future. He needs help in paying one rehabilitation course in Yevpatoria’s health resort. The cost is 67,000 rubles (2167 USD)

Khairmullina Aysha, 10 days old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Only an urgent surgery can save Aysha. Parents need 100,000 rubles (3,550 dollars) more. They need your help!

Khalimov Bekhruz, 3 years old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. The boy has already had the first surgery in Bakulev’s hospital. After that he could stand up for the first time in his life, and not be short of breath. Soon he’ll need the second surgery. His dad has been doing everything for him, tried to find money any and every way he could. Still this surgery is too expensive. They need 262,000 rubles (9,000 dollars).

Khamadijeva Vera, 4 months old

Diagnosis: Juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML). This is a very rare kind of blood cancer; only one method of treatment could be applied here, it is bone marrow transplantation. But Vera is too small to undergo such an operation; at the same time, she has little chance to live till the operation without you help. We beg you to help in paying for the medicine Azacitidin; taking the course of the medicine will make it possible for the girl to wait till she is grown up enough to undergo the operation. The drug is not used in this country; the family needs RUB 2 353 500 to collect the necessary sum for the treatment in Germany.

Khardinov Oleg, 26 years old

Diagnosis: spinal trauma. Oleg needs help in paying for rehabilitation treatment in a specialized center. The cost is 84,000 rubles (2,800 dollars).

Khitrin Semen, 11 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Your help is needed to pay for a rehabilitation course that costs 117,155 rubles (3,800 dollars). Treatment will begin on October 3, 2011.

Khokhlov Ershod, 8 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. Two brothers were brought to this country by their parents so that the boys were given proper treatment. Ershod will be taken to a cardiological centre, while his younger brother — to the oncological one. It came to be so that neither of them would survive if they stood in their native country. At the same time, for the boys treatment in this country is not free of charge, thus, as the family has many children and the income is low, the only way for the parents to pay for treating and save the kids is to ask for help. It will cost RUB 281 600 to perform a heart operation for Ershod. We beg you to help the boy!

Khromov Evgeniy, 32 years old

Diagnosis: Hodgkin Lymphoma. The tumor is not responsive to chemotherapy. Not so long ago the doctors would not have been able to help Evgeniy. But luckily there is a new drug Adcetris (Brentuksimab) giving a real and practically the only chance to concur the disease, a chance to live. The medication is very expensive. Several funds have joined to collect the money; some part has already been collected. 14,114.00 dollars is still needed. Zhenya is in hospital waiting for your help. Please help!

Kim Nastya, 7 years old

Nastya is starting school this year, but she is facing a bigger challenge than her peers. The girl was born with a right palm pathology. To have the surgery done in Moscow, the Kim family have to raise $1,540. With a monthly income of $35 the sum looks enormous. The surgery and tickets to Moscow was paid, thank you! November 28, 2006 Nastya returned home after surgery and treatment.

Kiseliov Denis, 24 years old

Diagnosis: Spine injury. Even at a choreography school the teachers of were sure that Denis will have success in dancing, but nobody could even imagine that the young man will gain popularity on the stage while dancing… in a wheelchair. For eight years Denis has been paralysed because of an injury; now he has to take a course of rehabilitation — but to do so he does need your help. The cost of the rehabilitation course is RUB 309 400.

Kliop Natalia, 38 years old

Diagnosis: Spinal stroke rehabilitation. To date Natalia cannot walk. Intensive rehabilitation in a specialised center could return to her legs the lost capability of moving. But Natalia has no opportunity to work, which means she has no money to pay for the treating. We beg you to assist in collecting RUB 360 000 to pay for the course of rehabilitation.

Kolobova Varvara, 21 months old

Diagnosis: a complicated congenital heart disorder. Since she was born, Varya’s parents and the doctors have been fighting for her life. She’s had three surgeries already. She needs the final one that will form the healthy heart, so that the child can live. Berlin Cardiology Center has agreed to conduct a difficult angiographic study and a surgery, that together cost 39,480 Euros. The German fund has helped raise 15,000 Euros. The rest of the money is still way too much for a young family to collect. The only thing we know for sure, we need to save Varvara!

Kolosov Maxim, 17 years old

Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma (NB) of the left adrenal. In Russia Max was recognised as a terminally ill patient, but the Indian oncologists have managed to save his life. A year later another problem appeared — his weak immunity was impaired by infections which are killing the boy. Fortunately, it is far easier to battle them than cancer, but emergency is vitally important here. The obstacle is the family does not possess enough money to pay for the required treatment. We launch the raising of USD 10 000. We beg you to save Maxim!

Komarov Maxim, 10 months

Diagnosis: Congenital aganglionic megacolon. After several operations have been conducted, the large intestine has been completely removed. Every month Maxim’s parents have to spend up to RUB 150 000 on special nutrition and medicine. But they are now running out of their savings, while there is hardly any financial support from the state. The parents are determined to go to court to demand a quota. Meanwhile, they need our support.

Kopylova Anna, 14 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, dislocation of the hip. Today the girl’s state of health is appalling: since she was not given proper treatment, pain syndrome has developed; as a result, now Anna can only lie and at that maintains only abnormal, stiff posture. The only thing Russian doctors say they could do is to take off the leg. German doctors suggest that the leg should be saved; they promise to relieve the pain and to provide the girl with a chance of rehabilitation. We beg you to help in raising EUR 43 310, so that Anna would sit in a wheelchair one day.

Kosolapov Valera, 13 years old

Diagnosis: Growth Hormone Deficiency (Pituitary dwarfism). Valera’s grandmother begs money for her grandson’s treatment in the Petersburg underground. The boy’s life costs $135 per day; a medicine “Norditropin”, the analogue of a human hormone of growth has to be given until sixteen years. The cost of annual course of treatment is $49,425. Today it has been collected $1,180. Money collection is temporarily stoped.

Kostikova Olesya, 1 year 3 months

The diagnosis: a congenital heart disease. The operation is scheduled for November, 23rd. This will be an open heart surgery and the cost is 264,100 roubles ($8,800 or €6,000). Olesya’s mum brings up two daughters on her own and all her money was spent on the previous treatment. Please, help!

Kovalenko Arina, 9 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy (CP), developmental dysplasia of the hips (DDH) The doctors in Germany are awaiting Arina for replacing joint braces. It lacks EUR 3 844 for the operation. The family is economically disadvantaged, so Arina’s relatives will not manage to raise the sum on their own. We beg you for help!

Kovalenko Dasha, 3 years old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Had Dasha stayed in Russia, she wouldn’t survive. She was born with a very complicated disorder that Russian doctors refused to operate. In Germany she had 2 corrections and the doctors were able to restore the normal structure of her heart. However the treatment is not finished, Dasha needs the third surgery that costs 12,420 euros.

Kozlova Sophia, 4 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital Vascular Malformation (CVM) of the left side of the face. The girl desperately needs to take medicine ‘Rapamune’ for a long time. It costs RUB 158 400. Her single mother does her best to bring up three children. She will not manage to raise such a sum on her own. But you have given her a helping hand. Thank you very much!

Kozyrenko Marina, 38 years old

Diagnosis: breast cancer, pachymenix metastases. This form of disease does not respond to hormone therapy. Doctors have proscribed for Marina two most advanced medicines: ‘Faslodex' and ‘Ibrance'. The former is included to the list of life-saving medications, so Marina got it free of charge. The latter is not present on this list, so Marina has to buy it at a cost of EUR 8226. These drugs start functioning only if are taken simultaneously. Marina has no money to buy the drug she needs and to start the course of treatment. We beg you to save Marina!

Krasnobayev Yuri, 15 years old

Diagnosis: mucoviscidosis. To ease his breathing and the assimilation of medicine, he needs a PARI Boy Turbo N inhaler, which costs approximately $270. The inhaler was paid, thank you!

Kruglov Alexander Valentinovich, 53 years old

Diagnosis: chronic leukemia. Alexander Valentinovich has dedicated his whole life to treating deaf children. He has helped many to hear sounds of this world. Today he needs help himself. A horrible disease will kill him if he doesn’t get bone-marrow transplantation. All in all, the donor search and transportation of marrow cost 17,500 euros (22,700 dollars). He does not have this much money.

Ksenia Kozlova, 1 year old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Help in paying for the surgery in Asklepios clinic (Germany). The cost of the surgery is EUR 40600.

Kubarev Rostislav, 6 years old

Diagnosis: tuberous sclerosis. While the disease was developing, it caused a brain tumor threatening the child’s life. The doctors in Tecnon Clinic in Spain can save the child by excising the tumor. The surgery will cost EUR 34 000. Please help!

Kuchma Rinat, 6

Rinat is not yet 7 years old, but the school is ready to welcome him in the 3rd grade. He can read and speak English, and knows multiplication table. But he could not go to school this year, since he has cerebral palsy, and can not walk without help. To be able to walk on his own, he needs several courses of therapy at rehabilitation centre «Ogonek-S». The cost of one course is 110 000 roubles.

Kudryavtsev Gleb, 2.5 years old

Diagnosis: restrictive cardiomyopathy. Gleb’s heart and lungs are not functioning properly, and the child can be saved only through the transplantation of the organs. Russian law prohibits this type of surgery for children and the operation cannot be done in Russia. The hospital «Fortis» in India is ready to do the transplantation, and it will cost $95,000. It is the only chance to save Gleb. Please, help him.

Kuksov Aleksey, 24 years old

Diagnosis: spinal injury. Help is needed in order to purchase a «MOTORMED» training device, which will allow Aleksey to engage in home-based rehabilitation and to recover from the injury sooner. 125,000 rubles are needed to be raised for this purpose.

Kurenkova Viktoriya, 5

Viktorya has cystic fibrosis. She also has pseudomonas aeruginosa infection which affects her lungs, and therefore needs a course of treatment with antibiotics (Colistine), for the amount of 48 352 Roubles.

Kuznetsov Artyom, 3 years

The diagnosis: Cerebral palsy. Artyom and Masha are twins. They were born prematurely and as a result of that they have a lot of health problems. Masha was able to recover, but Artyom still cannot cope with all the consequences of cerebral palsy. He still hasn’t learned how to walk. He needs help in paying for the treatment. Total cost is 74000 rubles (2 470 USD).

Lada Shushkevich, 33 years old

Diagnosis: tumor in cervical spine. Lada has a backset: the tumor that was excised many years ago has grown again. In Russia Lada was deemed incurable, that’s why she had to go to Israel to combat for his life and have doctors reduce the tumor size by chemotherapy. A huge amount of money was spent for the first phase already. Please help us to collect EUR 5500 to purchase medications for the next phase. Lada’s family does not have any more money for this.

Ladesov Andrey, 23 years old

Diagnosis: spinal trauma. Straight-A and honor student jumped into the water in a wrong way and became paralyzed. He’s been fighting for two years. He’s achieved a lot, but still needs help. One rehabilitation course costs 146,000 rubles (5,200 dollars).

Lavrentyev Kirill, 9 years old

Diagnosis: epilepsy. Kirill has spasms several times a day. Every day he gets worse. His family still doesn’t have the money for a life-saving surgery. 25,200 euros is a lot of money for an average Russian family. Please, help!

Lebedev Vadim, 8 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy. Vadim needs a long-term course of rehabilitation, so we ask for your help to collect money for it and for the feet plastering. The treatment is scheduled for September, the cost is 182 830 rubles.

Lezhnin Ilya, 5 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy, bilateral lower extremity spastic paraparesis. Ilusha needs a course of sanatorium treatment to become able to walk. The course costs 91610 rubles. The treatment is scheduled for September 20.

Lipina Svetlana, 7 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, epilepsy. Sveta spends most of her time at home, where she does rehabilitation exercises. It is hard to provide all the necessary equipment for effective rehabilitation at home, especially the training devices. Sveta’s parents don’t have money to buy them, the cost is 45,976 rubles (1,600 dollars). They need your help!

Litvinova Svetlana, 22 years old

Diagnosis: bone marrow disease as a result of trauma. Sveta needs to pass three rehabilitation courses in the center “OrtoS” to start walking again, the cost of such treatment is $8,095. Required funds was gathered.

Malashenkov Daniil, 3

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Danys freedom of movement is strongly affected, but his intellectual abilities are good. To give him a chance to walk on his own, he needs rehabilitation treatment. We have paid two courses of treatment for the total amount of 3 290 USD.

Malezhick Artiom, 4 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. A small hole in the boy’s heart is enlarging from day to day. Cardiac surgeons have decided that an operation should be performed. The operation itself will be free of charge, but Artiom’s parents will have to pay for the materials. The problem is they cannot afford it. We beg you to help in collecting RUB 273 644. Otherwise, there is no chance that the operation will be performed.

Malkova Dasha, 7 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Dasha’s life depends on medicine that will fight infection. One course costs 280,992 rubles (10,100 dollars). Her parents don’t have that money. They can’t save their daughter without the money. Please help.

Malsaghova Alima, 2 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital defect of the bronchus, Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) or Kartagener syndrome (the visceral organs are mirrored from their normal positions). The family has four children suffering from serious diseases; but today it is Malima who needs help urgently. Her state of health is very bad; she should start taking the antibiotic ’Colistin’ to kill infection in the organism. The medicine costs RUB 255 200. The family needs your help!

Mamataeva Amina, 8 years

Diagnosis: Partial optic nerve atrophy, secondary cataract. Amina needs help in paying for consultations and surgery in the German clinic. The cost is 5,236 euros (7,300 dollars).

Mashevskii Maxim, 5 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. On his way to recovery the boy needs one course of treatment in Dr. Skvortsov’s clinic, that costs 59,500 rubles (2,066 dollars).

Matveyev Vladimir, 16 years old

Diagnosis: Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Due to unstable blood glucose levels Volodya has been recommended to use an implantable insulin pump, which would automatically deliver the required insulin dose into the blood. The cost of the device with expendable materials is 160,315 rubles (approx. 5,297 US dollars). He needs your help!

Medical Center in Federal Penal Service Prison Colony No.1

Urgent requirements: medicines

Immediate assistance rendered: medicines worth $3,200

Minibayev Sasha, 8 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. Though the defect is not that serious, even ‘simple’, as the doctors put it, it affects greatly the boy’s health and life — it causes weariness, developmental delay. We beg you to help in paying for operating theater equipment at a cost of RUB 273 644, so that the doctors could cure the defect.

Mironova Anna, 15 years old

Multicystic kidneys, chronic kidney failure in terminal stage, critical holdback of growth. After kidney transplantation needs to take ATG — Fresenius to prevent rejecting the donor’s tissues and help the child grow. The necessary dose is 15 100-mg bottles, all together worth 199,485 rubles. Medication was financed by AIF charity foundation.

Mishina Alexandra, 16 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Alexandra needs a course of treatment with antibiotic Toby that costs 262,995 rubles (9,370 dollars).

Mitichkin Pavel, 26 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Pavel has been sick since he was born, but in the last months his condition has worsened. To survive he needs new lungs. Transplantation surgery can be conducted in Germany, but it will cost 200,000 euros. 40,000 euros are already collected.

Molchanova Ksusha, 14 years old and Molchanov Sasha, 8 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis complicated by Pseudomonas infection. These children require immediate medical help. They need antibiotic treatment with Colistin. For the two of them, the total cost of this therapy is 290,000 rubles (approx. 9,666 USD).

Moloshenko Maximilian, 4 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. We are looking for help in paying for a course of treatment in Truskavets clinic that costs 1,940 euros.

Nartailakova Rita, 20 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis. After so many years of treatment, Rita’s organism became resistant to the better part of effective antibiotics, while with the drugs that would work she have not been provided for more than two years. The girl’s state of health is serious, and her family cannot afford the appropriate treatment. They need your help to buy the medicine ‘Meronem’ and an inhaler at a cost of RUB 111 675.

Nastya O., 11 years old

Diagnosis : Cystic fibrosis. For a long time the disease remained undiagnosed. When finally the diagnosis was established, it occurred that it was not easy to provide the girl with the treatment: the required medicine costs a lot, the Ministry of Health gives hardly any support, the parent have no money to pay for the treatment by themselves. Currently the girl’s state of health is appalling. We beg you to help in paying for the drug ‘Bramitob’ at a cost of RUB 255 000.

Nazarova Varvara, 5 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy (CP), Hydrocephalus. After a long period of treatment and a number of failed operations, Varya, at last, is starts getting better; and the progression is steady. The only problem is that her mother has no money to support a dynamic change in the state of health. They need your help in raising RUB 96 000 to pay for the treatment course in a rehabilitation centre.

Neprokina Kseniya, 16 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Every day Kseniya has to take a large list of medicines — for lung protection, for digestion, for the better functioning of the liver and the pancreas. She takes only half of what is needed. That’s how «regional program for provision of medicines» works. If the Moscow region budget is short to cover Kseniya’s treatment, where should her mother get the money? We ask for your help in paying for a one-year course of treatment for the girl.

Nikitin Sergey, 33 years ago

Diagnosis: Spastic paraplegia. An infection that was not diagnosed in time caused complications developed in the spinal cord. As a result, Sergey was paralysed. As yet, there is a small chance to restore the lost functions, so we beg you to take part in collecting money to pay for the course of rehabilitation at a cost of RUB 175 800.

Nikolin Fedor, 3 years

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas aeruginosa. In order to defeat the infection Fedor needs a course of treatment with the expensive antibiotic «colistin», which his parents can’t afford to buy. They need to collect 108,000 rubles (3500 USD) for a three-month course. They need your help!

Nizhelskiy Daniil, 4 years old

Diagnosis: Epilepsy, Dravet syndrome (also known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy, SMEI). There is only one medicine which can relive the boy’s suffering — it is called ‘Diacomit’. But the drug has not been registered in this country, and its cost is very high. Because of these major factors Daniil is not provided with an opportunity to take the medicine. The family can hardly afford it. They need your help in raising EUR 12 192 to pay for the medicine. This course of treatment will enable the boy to spend another year without the epilepsy attacks.

Novak Nastya, 6 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Nastya is hospitalized in the Research Center of Children’s Health of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow. Her condition has worsened. Treatment is complicated by the pseudomonas aeruginosa, the infection doesn’t allow her to breathe. Your help is needed to pay for Colistin. Total cost is 110,000 rubles (3,700 dollars). Nastya needs money as soon as possible!

Novickov Vlad, 4 years old

Diagnosis: Epilepsy, Drave syndrome. There is only once medicine that can rescue the boy from severe attacks; it is called ‘Diacomit’. The drug has not been registered in this country; so the family has to buy it abroad at once for the whole year. The cost is enormously high. For two years the parents were doing their best to solve the problem by themselves; no more resources have left, and now they need your help. We beg you to help in collecting RUB 696 168. This sum is the price of another year without the attacks.

Nurahunov Avim, 9 years

The diagnosis: chronic renal insufficiency. In September 2009 Avim had the renal transplantation. You helped to raise money for medicines ATG-Fresenius and Campath. They were necessary for the success of transplantation, but too expensive for single mother.

Okorochkova Anna, 12 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Last examination has shown that Anna’s lungs have infection. It is very dangerous, however treatable. She needs Colistin, one course costs 191,160 rubles (6,500 dollars). The family need your help, they can never collect that much money.

Otradnoye Social Rehabilitation Centre

The centre is home to children aged from 3 to 16, orphaned or neglected by their parents. The centre badly needs a minibus, children's shoes, food, educational games, tables, chairs, a photocopy machine and a computer.

Pak Sasha (Kurbanov Sardor), 7 years old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Doctors in Russia and Uzbekistan said Sasha wasn’t operable and that he wasn’t going to live much longer. German doctors are willing to take over and save the boy. They can conduct that life-saving surgery. But it will cost 29,400 euros (39,000 dollars). This is Sasha’s only chance, please help not to miss it!

Panarina Zhenya, 10 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, Pseudomonas infection. 3 months course of antibiotic Colistine was paid.

Panko Diana, 17 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy (CP). Diana is about to undergo an operation — her muscles under knee joints will be elongated, so that the girl could unbend her legs, and learn to stand and to walk. But the operation will be of no use unless followed by a course of rehabilitation. Diana’s family does not possess enough money — RUB 98 780 — to pay for the course. They need your help!

Parfyenov Vlad, 7 months old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Vlad has already been operated as a first step to fixing his condition, and now he needs another surgery. This second step is very complicated, Vlad needs to go to Berlin Cardiology Center. German fund has paid half the expenses. We ask you to help with the rest of the money: 16,000 euros (19,814 US dollars).

Paskhalidi Eduard, 18 months old

Diagnosis: Congenital Anomalies of the Kidney and the Urinary Tract (CAKUT). Two weeks later little Eduard will be checked out of hospital; for a whole year the doctors in Moscow have been trying to achieve the boy’s stable state, and, finally, they have managed to do so. But his only kidney functions very poorly; the boy needs dialysis. We beg you to help the boy’s parents to purchase the apparatus and raw material to get the boy treatment at home. They should constantly have free access to the apparatus — this is of vital importance! It costs RUB 1 226 607.

Perezhigina Polina, 9 years old

Diagnosis: Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHMD, FSHD or FSH) — originally named Landouzy-Dejerine; Cystic fibrosis; Congenital heart defect (has been operated). The girl’s lungs are stuffed with phlegm. It is difficult for her to breathe. Because of the illnesses she is losing strength every day. Lungs lavage would relieve her suffering. But the course of treatment should be given to the girl in one of German hospitals. It will cost EUR 10 000. The family needs your help!

Peter Makeev, 6 years old

Diagnosis: congenital spinal hernia. It is difficult for Petya to walk and most of the time he spends in the wheelchair. A complicated diagnosis and surgical treatment that he already underwent force the child to take the special position, so it’s hard and painful for him to sit in the standard wheelchair, that the boy received. A wheelchair made by individual order, costs 251,700 rubles. But only it will give the child comfort, safety and the opportunity to become more independent. His parents do not have that kind of money. Your help is needed!

Plemedyaleh Felicia, 14 years old

Diagnosis: scoliosis. This young girl has a serious lateral curvature. It needs to be fixed now, before it affects her internal organs. It will be a lot more expensive and a lot less effective to fix the problems later. The surgery costs 242,312 rubles (6,251 USD). Your help is needed!

Pleshkova Ksenia, 6 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas infection. Ksenia has difficulty in breathing, as her lungs are stuffed with mucus and are damaged by infections. We beg you to take part in collecting money to buy for the girl the medicine ’Bramitob’ at a cost of RUB 161 700. This drug will clear out the girl’s lungs. Ksenia’s mother is a single parent; she will not manage to raise the sum and save her child without your help.

Pogorelov Dima, 7 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, Pseudomonas infection. This infection is destroying the boy’s lungs, and Dima needs treatment with expensive antibiotics that may help stop the progression of the disease. These antibiotics are not subsidized, and so the cost of purchasing these drugs falls entirely on the parents’ shoulders. Dima needs 3 packs of Brimotoma now, which costs 265,000 rubles (approx. 8,833 USD). His family does not have that kind of money.

Polina F., 27 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis (CF). Polina needs medical treatment. Antibiotic ’Bramitob’ could cease worthening of the acute condition that has been lasting for too long in order to bring Polina back to her habitual life: back to her job, to her husband, to her daughter. But the young woman’s family cannot afford to buy the medicine at a cost of RUB 343 500. She needs your help!

Polyakov Pavel, 40 years old

DIagnosis: the aftermath of a serious trauma. 7 years ago Pavel was severely injured. He can’t find a job, he can’t support his family. He is wheelchair-bound. We ask you to help pay for a rehabilitation course that costs 102,000 rubles (3280 US dollars). He cannot afford this treatment.

Polyakova Veronika, 5 years old

Diagnosis: Nephroma, stage IV. Since May Veronica has been treated in Singapore, the girl has already had a kidney removal surgery and now she is undergoing chemotherapy. Her parents don’t have 800 000 rubles to save the life of their daughter. We ask you for the urgent help!

Pozigunov Cyril, 3 years old

Diagnosis: Central nervous system lesion, Hip dislocations. Cyril has undergone a number of operations, which will allow him to learn how to stand and walk. Now he needs a course of rehabilitation; but his family with five kids has no money to pay for the rehabilitation course or to buy domestic assistive technology. We beg you to help the family to gain for Cyril the recommended support walker at a cost of RUB 173 523.

Proshkin Pavel, 21 years old

Diagnosis: spinal injury. Doctors say that Pasha is really able to recover after the injury. But he needs to work hard, be patient and to have a certain amount of money as well. He needs a physical rehabilitation under control of specialists. One course costs 132 thousand rubles. We ask you to help Pasha to pay for it.

Prossina Sophia, 2 years old

Diagnosis: infantile cerebral palsy. Sophia already can do several independent steps and, fortunately, is making big success in coping with her disease. Please help us to pay for a rehabilitation course that costs EUR 1830. The parents are doing their best, but that can not cover the ever growing treatment cost. The time passes by. Your help is really needed.

Protsenko Nikolai, 1 year 10 months

The diagnosis: Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency (genetic metabolic disorder). Kolia is the only child in Russia who suffers from such a disease. He needs an urgent liver transplantation, but it is impossible to do it in Russia because of complexity of his disease. It is possible to do a transplantation in Belgium, but its cost is very high — 70,000 euros. It is a big sum of money, but the child does not have another chance. Kolia’s health is getting worse, you can’t postpone the operation. Help is needed urgently!

Puchinin Sasha, 12 years

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis. Sasha was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis only recently. It means he hasn’t been getting any treatment for 12 years. Today his condition is very serious. He needs treatment with antibiotic TOBY that costs 273,000 rubles (9,000 dollars). Sasha’s mom is raising him by herself, and she can’t afford buying the medicine her son urgently needs.

Rachmonova Kumush, 4 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart disease. The Rachmonov family is not well-off. They are two small children and their parents who do not have a permanent job and have to carry out any part-time job they can find. But they would cope with it, if their small daughter were healthy. Now they need RUB 290 400 to pay for the operation on her heart. They do not possess such a sum. The family needs your help!

Radin Kesha, 3 years old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Kesha has been operated in Germany. Therefore, in order to monitor all changes and to adjust drug administration he has to undergo an examination at the cardiological centre in Berlin four times a year. Each examination costs 537 Euros. At the moment, the family is in bad financial conditions due to the father’s medical condition. Boy’s parents can’t bear the costs of this examination themselves.

Rogozhin Misha, 10 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Misha needs Bramitob, which costs 260,000 rubles (approx. 8012 US dollars). The drug is needed urgently: the boy hadn’t been treated with effective antibiotics until he was 10, and his condition is getting worse each day. Please help Misha’s parents buy this medicine.

Anton Ruzhitsky, 5

Diagnosed with cerebral palcy, resulting from complications after premature birth. The boy is very intelligent, smart, his intellectual abilities are fully retained. After a course of treatment at childrens' rehabilitation centre at Evpatory, there has been a positive development. The treatment needs to be continued.

Sadikov Savva, 2 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. The boy is about to undergo the Fontan operation, which is being performed in this country not for a long time; not in every hospital doctors perform it, and not always it is a success. Savva’s parents wish the boy to underwent the operation in Children’s Hospital № 1 in Saint Petersburg, where survival rate after the surgical procedure is reported to be the highest of all. It will cost quite a sum to perform the operation there, but the family does not possess such a sum. We beg you to help in raising RUB 495 000 to pay for the treatment.

Savchenko Nastya, 13 years old

Diagnosis: Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). The progression of the disease is not as rapid as it could have been, because Nastya is getting effective treatment and uses specialised orthopaedic apparatus. It costs a large sum of money; and without the help of compassionate people the girl’s state of health would have got much worse. You give Nastya a helping hand not for the first time: this year you have already helped to pay for a special corset at a cost of EUR 3 679 (RUB 264 888) to fix her spine. Thanks a lot!

Savelieva Elena, 25 years old

Diagnosis: spinal trauma as a result of surgical misadventure. Lately there has been improvement in Elena’s motion activity. That means that she is not condemned to be disabled for the rest of her life and there is a chance for her to walk. We ask you to help paying for Elena’s rehabilitation course at the Central Clinical Hospital of Rehabilitation Treatment. The cost is 113,950 rubles (3685 USD)

Savelyev Arseny, 4 years

The diagnosis: a condition after liver transplantation owing to biliary cirrhosis. Arseny needs assistance in payment for the planned control inspection in German clinic. Please help to collect missing $1,000!

Savoskina Sophia, 11 months old

Diagnosis: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Sophia has several congenital developmental defects. Fortunately, all of them are curable. We beg you to help in paying for the medical procedure of setting the hip-bone without carrying out an operation; it should be performed as soon as possible not to miss the chance. Such a procedure cannot be performed in this country; to carry it out in Germany EUR 15 004 are to be raised. We beg you to help.

Schneider Ksenia, 4 years old

Diagnosis: Chronic kidney disease, post kidney transplantation status. For now the process of kidney rejection has started, so the only way to save the transplanted organ is to insert the medicine ‘Nulojix’; no other drugs managed to cope with the task. The cost of the medicine to be bought is EUR 23 700. The family cannot collect such a sum on their own. They need your help!


Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. The parents are expecting the girl to be born in June. Their wait is full of joy and fear at the same time. The little baby will need a heart surgery as soon as she is born. The first step of surgical correction will be performed by doctors in St. Petersburg. The cost is 236,000 rubles (8,400 dollars).

Seleznyova Alina, 10 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy. Alina is an intelligent, sociable and very nice girl. Due to her illness she cannot walk, despite all her effort. She needs help in paying for a course of treatment in Yevpatoriya clinic that costs 64,893 rubles (2,308 dollars).

Semin Gosha, 3 years old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Gosha is currently hospitalized in Germany, where he is waiting for the third and final surgery. After a full examination it turned out that he needs a different surgery than was determined before. Now they have to postpone it, because Gosha’s parents don’t have enough money, they need 5,000 more euros. Parents are desperate. Help is needed very urgently!

Sergeeva Maya, 5

Maya has cerebral palsy. She needs a course of therapy at the International rehabilitation centre in Truskavetz. Her mother is raising the daughter alone, and is unable to raise 128 000 Roubles for Maya?s rehabilitation.

Shalygin Dmitry, 32 years old

Diagnosis: Acute myeloblastic leukemia. It is only marrow bone transplantation that will save Dmitry. None of his relatives appeared to be a matched donor for him; neither was a donor found in the Russian data basis. Thus, the one is to be searched for in the International Donor Search Center (Stefan Morsch Stiftung), which costs quite a sum. Today Dmitry is lacking in RUB 500 000, so that the required amount of money is raised. He badly needs your help!

Shamanina Anastasia, 2 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Doctors say the girl is on her way to recovery. However further positive dynamic depends on the amount of rehabilitation she gets. Nastya’s parents are medical workers and do not have enough money for all the recommended procedures. What they can pay for is not enough for full recovery. We are asking you to help in paying for the course of rehabilitation in Yevpatoria clinic that costs 84,900 dollars (3,000 dollars).

Sharapudin Abdulaev, 6 years old

Diagnosis: bladder exstrophy. It is a congenital malformation of development, in which the position of the internal organs is disturbed and in which the life of the patient turns into a constant struggle with complications. Will the boy’s life be full, now depends on whether you help him. A Serbian surgeon who specializes in the treatment of this disease can help the child. 7 surgeries, made in Russia, didn’t bring results. The treatment abroad requires 13,500 Euros, which the boy’s family does not have.

Sharipov Adel, 4 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. In august Adel will have a surgery that will incise his tense muscles. This will allow him to start walking. After the surgery he needs rehabilitation and special exercise. This post-surgery treatment costs 50,610 rubles (1,660 US dollars).

Shestakova Olya, 3 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Whether Olya can get better or not depends on regular rehabilitation courses. Right now Olya is supposed to go for treatment in Truskavets, but her parents can’t pay for it. We are asking you again to help the little girl. Treatment costs 1,940 euros (2,760 dollars).

Shihaliev Marat, 17 years old

Diagnosis: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Marat suffers from hip dislocations which resulted from hip fracture. Now he cannot sit, cannot get out of bed for 9 months and feels immense pain at the slightest movement. The operation should correct the situation, but it is too expensive for Marat’s mother. It costs RUB 382 420. We beg for your help!

Shilov Artyom, 12 months old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Artyom needs a surgery to live. If he is operated in Russia, his chance for survival is 30%. In Germany such surgeries are conducted for many years and with much higher chances for recovery. Artyom’s parents do not want him to end up among those 70% of people that never leave the operation room, for that they need 36,500 euros.

Shishulin Sasha

The diagnosis: a congenital heart disease. Sasha will be born in the beginning of September. In the first days after birth he will need a heart operation which will save his life. We’ve collected 264,100 rubles (8,519 US dollars or 6,142 euro) for the operation, oxygenator and haemoconcentrator.

Shohin Artyom, 4 years old

Diagnosis: Diabetes mellitus (DM), Sensorineural hearing. After several weeks of taking classes with the specialists Artyom learnt to produce sentences two or three words long. The boy has every chance to learn speak to properly despite a serious illness. The only obstacle is lack of money for carrying out the treatment. They need your help in collecting RUB 108 000!

Shoushpannikhov Roman, 5 years old

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, dislocation of the hip joints. Roma’s main disease is being treated successfully; courses of rehabilitation enable to overcome its consequences. But the dislocations prevent the boy from putting weight on his legs; consequently, he cannot learn how to walk. We beg you to assist in paying for the operation on the hip joints at a cost of RUB 2 000 000. The family will not cope with the problem unless you help them.

Shushkova Nastya, 12 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas aeruginosa. Nastya can live a long and productive life, but she needs to get rid of pseudomonas aeruginosa that is destroying her lungs. Bramitob will help, but it costs 280,994 rubles (9,600 dollars).

Shvetsov Gleb, 2 years old

Diagnosis: hearing impairment in both ears, a condition after cochlear implantation. The boy needs to undergo auditory-verbal therapy at a specialized health centre. It will cost 135,000 roubles. There are two disabled members in the family, and there isn’t enough money for the treatment. We ask you to help Gleb.

Sibirtsev Maxim, 7 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas aeruginosa. He urgently needs treatment with Bramitob to stop lungs destruction. One course costs 280,983 rubles (9,000 dollars).

Sidorenko Margarita, 23 years old

Diagnosis: spinal trauma. 13 Year ago Margarita got in a car crash, and now she can’t walk. She needs help in purchasing an active wheel chair that costs 99,015 rubles (3,440 dollars).

Silantyev Andrei, 29 years

The diagnosis: spinal injury. Andrei suffered spinal injury 8 years ago while doing military service in the Northern Caucasus and since then he became wheelchair bound. However, he can be helped to recover in a special medical centre. Help is needed to pay for the rehabilitation course, the cost of treatment is 204,000 roubles ($6,800 or €4,635).

Artemy Simonov, 17 years old

Diagnosis: 4th degree S-shaped scoliosis. Urgent requirements: for the operation at the Novosibirsk Research Institute for Traumatology and Orthopedics. Funds raised to date: $3,713

Sivakova Yulia, 5

Julia has cerebral palsy and needs a course of treatment in Professor V. I. Kozyavkin's medical centre. She wants to run and play with her brother Oleg, but she can not walk on her own. Please help us collect 2 632 USD for her rehabilitation. We have already collected 62 USD.

Skorohodova Vera, 2 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Vera’s mom is single and cannot find enough money to pay for treatment in a good rehabilitation center. Girl’s chances to recover completely are very high at this young age. Help her not to let the moment pass! One course costs 84,900 rubles (3,000 USD).

Slyusar Zakhar, 4 years old

Diagnosis: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, also known as Acute lymphocytic leukemia or Acute lymphoid leukemia (ALL); Down syndrome (DS or DNS). Zakhar has no chance to stay alive in his fatherland; there he is considered to be terminally ill. At present, the boy is staying at a Cancer Center in Moscow. This is a place where they know how to treat the illness, so the boy seems to have a chance. To remain alive Zakhar should not go back home. However, to stay in Moscow and to proceed with the treatment money is required. His family is lacking in RUB 500 000 to pay for another course. They do need your help!

Smirnova Dasha, 13 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. When Dasha was taking Toby, she could temporarily lead a normal life. A life without pain or constant cough. A life where she could play outside with other children without fear of deadly infection. Now Dasha needs that medication again. One course of Toby costs 264,000 rubles (8700 dollars). The city government said they didn’t have money for helping Dasha’s family to buy it. Dasha’s parents also cannot afford the medicine.

Smolyakova Ira, 12 years old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. 12 years ago the doctors incorrectly diagnosed Ira with an inoperable disease. Her parents lived from one day to another thinking that every moment could become the last one for their child. Now the doctors finally arrived at the correct diagnosis. Ira needs a surgery as soon as possible. This surgery costs 284,000 rubles (9085 US dollars). Help is needed urgently!

Sokolova Liza, 6 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Liza can’t walk. She needs help in paying for a casting treatment in Yevpatoria clinic that costs 134,420 rubles (4,750 dollars).

Sonya Komarnitskaya, 2 years old

Diagnosis: cryptogenic epilepsy. None of the drugs registered in Russia help Sonya, they have to be ordered abroad. Each purchase is a guarantee of a normal life for a baby, it is happiness and, at the same time, it’s a huge problem for the parents: the family does not have enough money to buy them. The seizures may resume without these medicines. Please help us to collect EUR 4000 to buy the medicines for Sonya.

Sorokina Veronika, 4 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Veronika’s psychoemotional state is perfectly normal, but her motor function is damaged. She needs help in paying for rehabilitation course in Truskavets. One course costs 74,000 rubles (2,400 dollars)

Stepanov Anatoliy, 15 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis (CF). The latter winter was very difficult for Tolia; he had to stay at hospital for a long time, but no medicine could kill the infection. As a result, the boy lost a lot of weight, so the doctors have recommended that he should take special nutrition. But his parents do not have enough money to pay for it. They do need your help!

Stepanov Roman, 25 years old

Diagnosis: cysticfibrosis. Roman was 13 years old when he learned about being incurably ill. At this age even trifle troubles seem a colossal problem, but Roman managed to withstand, to accept the disease and learnt to live with it and value every moment. Now he needs your help in paying for his medicines in the amount of RUR 202 592.

Suleymanova Aynoore, 23 years old

Diagnosis: consequences of a spinal trauma. Aynoore leads a very active life, despite her condition. Her activities are very restricted though, as her old wheel chair is not very mobile. Many places are very hard to get to, even her university. Aynoore is dreaming about a new wheel chair that would allow her to move around more freely. She can’t buy it though, because the cost is 102,040 rubles (3,700 dollars). She needs your help!

Summer vacation in Bulgaria 2011

Summer vacation by the sea is needed for disabled children. The cost is 437,000 rubles (15,460 dollars). Help is needed urgently!

Surodeev Vitalii, 20 years old

Diagnosis: spinal trauma. It’s been 3 years that VItalii cannot walk. Rehabilitation courses help in bringing him back up on his feet, but he can’t afford to take those very often. In order to train himself at home he needs special training device. We are asking for your help in paying for the training device that costs 106,300 rubles (3,380 dollars).

Sutyagin Andrei, 28 years old

Diagnosis: spinal cord injury. Andrei cannot walk yet and asks you to help him buy a new wheelchair that will allow him to live a more active life. The wheelchair costs 145,000 rubles (approx. 4,458 US dollars).

Svistunov Ivan, 7 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital cerebrospinal hernia. Despite gloomy predictions, the boy began to walk. But his legs are not strong enough, so walking causes legs contortion. We beg you to help in buying orthoses, i. e. a special orthopaedic prosthesis, to fix the legs in a normal position. They cost RUB 307 000, and Vanya’s mother will never manage to collect the required sum without your help, since apart from the boy, she has another three children.

Sycheva Nadezhda, 28 years old

Diagnosis: aftermath of spinal trauma, spinal cord injury, lower paraparesis. Nadya needs help in purchasing a wheel chair Voyager from Otto Bock that costs 82,040 rubles (2,600 dollars).

TItkova Nika, 3 months old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Nika needs an urgent surgery to close patent ductus asteriosus, total cost is 51,700 rubles (1,800 dollars).

Tarakulova Aymira, 5 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. If the girl were the citizen of Russia, she would already have undergone an urgent heart operation. But the family came here from the Kyrgyz Republic to save the child, so the operation will cost RUB 434 676. Aymira’s parents do not possess such a sum, so the procedure has been postponed for several times, while the functioning of the girl’s heart is being supported by means of medicines. We beg you to help pay for the operation.

Tarasenko Ekaterina, 17 years old

Diagnosis: tuberous sclerosis. Katya needs help paying for the genetic test and a course of treatment with Keppra. The cost is 147,647 rubles (5,200 dollars).

Tarasevich Nikita, 5 years

The diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. While Nikita takes the vital medicine his life is no different than life of his peers. However the medicine is not free and the family cannot afford to pay for it. You have paid for the two three-months courses of Colistin treatment. Thank you!

Tarasov Vladimir, 20 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. In 2009 you have already helped Vova to purchase antibiotics. To fight the infection completely he needs one more course of Toby that costs 262,995 rubles (9,300 dollars).

Tariel M., 24 years old

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis (CF), also known as mucoviscidosis. Today Tariel is on the waiting list for a lungs transplantation. But even if an organ donor is found, the operation cannot be performed until Tariel puts on weight. The illness has disturbed the work of the digestive system, and so food is poorly digested. We beg you to help in collecting RUB 300 000 to buy special clinical nutrition for Tariel.

Tatarova Dasha, 7 years old

Diagnosis: Nephropathic cystinosis. This illness is incurable, but its progression can be prevented, if the girl permanently takes the medicines called Cystagon. The drug is very expensive, and each month the sum of RUB 100 000 should be spent to buy it. The Tatarov family will not manage to raise such a sum, as the parents’ income is not sufficient enough. We beg you to help in collecting RUB 248 220 to buy the medicine for Dasha for the next six months.

Tatlybaev Radmir, 14 years old

Diagnosis: viscidosis. To cope with pseudomonas infection and stop lung damage he needs antibiotics treatment course that costs 256500 rubles.

Tcybin Vyacheslav, 21 years old

Diagnosis: Effects of spinal injury. Needs help with the payment of the rehabilitation course, the cost is 308 430 rubles.

The Krasnopolyansky Children?s Home

The Krasnopolyansky Children's Home in the town of Lobnya in the Moscow region, is one of the oldest and most impoverished shelters for children in their earliest years. Above all else, the home urgently requires yoghurts and diapers.

The Krasnoselsky Social Orphanage for Children and Adolescents

The Krasnoselsky orphanage is aimed at rehabilitating and helping children who have somehow ended up homeless for one reason or another. Some of them ran away from their homes, some of their parents were deprived of their parenting rights by a court, while others were brought here by single mothers who had no money to raise a child on their own.

Tiunov Aleksey, 25 years old

Diagnosis : spinal trauma, the result of a car accident. Within the recent two years Aleksey has managed to achieve a lot: he can already walk using walking bars and even cover a small distance using a rollator walker. Doctors courage him up saying that he has a good potential for overcoming the consequences of the trauma. His best results were achieved due to doctors of the Saki Sanatorium; but all the savings of the family have been spent to treat there. Thus there is no money left for another course of treatment at a cost of RUB 319 450. We beg you to help Aleksey so that he could walk again.

Trupyakova Vera, 29 years old

Diagnosis: spinal cord injury. Vera by her own example proves that a person can lead a full and active life even in the wheelchair. Although Vera has overcome many difficulties, her dearest dream remains to recover her legs, making Vera practice to walk around the flat with a walking frame. She has made some progress already, but it’s too early to tell that she has the ability to walk on her own. She needs to undergo treatment at the hospital. The rehabilitation course costs 144,000 rubles, which is approximately 3,000 euros, and we are asking you to help Vera pay for it.

Tsyganova Dasha, 19 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Dasha has graduated from high school and now goes to college. Since she was born she went to specialized centers, but some problems still remain. Dasha looses balance very often. In 2008 you helped her collect enough money to undergo a treatment course in Yevpatoria. In 2011 Dasha needs to get another rehabilitation course there. She needs help paying 95,040 rubles (3,100 dollars).

Tsykin Artyom, 5 years old

Diagnosis: Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). This is a genetical, constantly deteriorating disorder, which gradually makes the boy weaker and reduces his strength. Artyom has never been able to walk or to sit on his own. Nevertheless, his arms do function, which means that he can handle an electronic wheel chair. This will give him a chance to move and to lead a normal life, full of emotions, events and happiness. Such a wheel chair costs RUB 251 000; the sum that the family does not possess. We beg you to help Artyom!

Turaeva Anya, 5 months old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Anya needs urgent surgery, but she can’t get it for free in Moscow, because she is not a citizen of Russia. The surgery will cost 193,850 rubles (6,800 dollars). Her mother does not have that much money and also they don’t have time to solve the problem with citizenship. The baby needs to be saved.

Ulmasova Afruza, 3 years

The diagnosis: a congenital heart disease. The disease of this complexity cannot be treated in Uzbekistan. The physicians in St.-Petersburg are ready to help. Three operations are required to fully treat the defect. The first two were already successfully performed. However the single mother cannot find money for the last operation. We have paid 312,100 rubles (10,068 US dollars or 7,258 euro) for the third operation and surgery materials.

Uzhakin Pavel, 9 years old

Diagnosis: infantile cerebral palsy. Pavel dreams of an ordinary boy’s life, but the disease limited the ability of his body to move, and doesn’t let him develop, taking away all the simplest joys of a child’s life and the hope of a bright future. There is a chance to overcome the disease, but the costly treatment is needed. Pavel’s family doesn’t have the money to pay for it. We are asking you to help Pavel undergo a rehabilitation course at Dr. Shamarin’s Hospital. It costs 120,000 roubles.

Uzhegova Yanina, 23 years

The diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. In 2008 you have helped to pay for an antibiotic “Colistin”. That medicine helps to combat the infections in the lungs. Because of Colistin Yanina has lived a few months without deteriorations. In 2009 we paid for the medical treatment with intravenous antibiotics “Meronem” and “Fortum”. They are necessary for Yana to cope with a deterioration of her health. Thank you!

Varankhina Vika, 8 years old

Diagnosis: Progressive muscular atrophy. Vika does not have enough strength to hawk properly. She does not have strong immunity, so she often catches cold. As a result, phlegm accumulates in her lungs and makes it difficult to breathe. Moreover, it creates a stimulating environment for infections to reproduce. We beg you to help to buy for Vika a percussion flow ventilation device at a cost of RUB 299 000.

Vershinin Zhenya, 2 years old

Diagnosis: children’s cerebral palsy. Zhenya has a good prospective, he has all the chances to rehabilitate. He needs to pass three courses of treatment in Dr. Skvorchov’s Clinic. The cost of one course is $1,585.

Vinokurova Natalia, 31 years old

Diagnosis: Polytrauma, Spinal cord injury. For ten years already Natasha cannot walk because of a driver’s mistake. Numerous courses of rehabilitation the girl had taken could help her only partially. Natalia wrote to the Fund to ask you to assist in buying a wheelchair. It will enable her to live an active life, to do sport and be self-contained. The cost of the wheelchair is RUB 137 000.

Volkhin Dmitriy, 22 years old

Diagnosis: spinal trauma. Dima is learning to walk all over again. He makes good progress, he has achieved a lot in two years. Dima is asking you to help him start walking again. He needs a special exercise equipment that costs 202,920 rubles (7,200 dollars) so that he can learn to walk at home.

Volkov Alexander, 21 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. To fight lung infection Sasha needs one course of treatment with a powerful antibiotic Meronem that costs 100,185 rubles (3,250 dollars). Sasha’s family does not have this money.

Vorobjeva Dasha, 6 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Dasha needs a course of casting treatment in Yevpatoria Clinic that costs 142,400 rubles (5,000 dollars). Dasha’s mom is a single parent, they don’t have enough money. Please help the girl become healthy!

Vorobyov Pavel, 3 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. This disease is a consequence of a surgery performed when Pavel was little. Now he has to go through years of hard rehabilitation. We are asking you to help in paying one course of treatment in the International Clinic of Rehabilitation Treatment n.a. Professor Kozyavkin, the cost is 1,940 euros.

Vyazov Platon, 5 years old

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect (CHD). Platon has only half of the heart. Treating him in this country would be too risky, so that doctors strongly recommended that the boy should be taken to Germany. He has already undergone four operations, but to date the treating is far from being complete. The next stage of correcting the defect costs EUR 8 000. We beg for your help!

Yarish Polina, 5 years

The diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Everywhere — on the lap of Santa Claus, at the church service, near a wish-making fountain, where she throws a coin, Polina asks about one thing: “I want to walk!”. Illness has not spared the child — for Polina it is difficult even to stand unaided. Polina got the special training equipment “Atlant” for house training.

Yarovoy Nikita, 11 years old

Diagnosis: Bilateral hearing loss, Cerebral palsy. His family needs help to pay for a hearing aid at a cost of RUB 200 000. The boy has his hearing aid broken for more than two months already; and he has no chance to get it on quota neither in Ukraine, where the family had lived before they fled from the military campaign in their native town, nor in Russia, their temporary asylum. His parents cannot afford that expensive aid: apart from Nikita they have a daughter, who suffers from serious Congenital heart defect. Nikita has no chance to get a new hearing aid unless you help him.

Yevalenko Nastya, 11 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Nastya had two surgeries on her legs last year followed by casting in order to start walking. Now the girl needs post-surgical rehabilitation. However, her parents already ran out of money. The course costs 64,050 rubles (2,300 dollars). Nastya needs your help!

Yulia and Sasha Nefyodova, age 4

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis complicated by a Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection. The girls’ condition is extremely critical . A course of TOBI antibiotics is urgently needed, but their mother — a single mother of several children — cannot afford the medication. Yulia and Sasha’s treatment costs 525,720 rubles (approx. $17,852). They really need your help!

Zaikina Julia, 27 years old

Diagnosis: autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1. On permanent basis Julia has to take the drugs that helps to maintain a normal level of calcium in the organism. This year a pump for automatic drug intake was implanted, which will enable to decrease the risk of developing negative consequences. Now the expenses on the medicine and material for the pump reach RUB 308 220. Julia has no chance to earn such a sum. She does need your help!

Zakharchenko Anton, 18 years old

Diagnosis: Werdnig-Hoffman disease. Every year Anton needs medicine worth more than 100,000 rubles (4,000 US dollars). His family’s only income is social help from the government, and it is very hard to buy all the necessary medicine with that money. Anton needs your help!

Zalomiy Masha, 4 years

The diagnosis: anaplastic ependymoma. Masha has already endured operation that removed tumour from a brain, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. But, unfortunately, the cancer cells weren’t completely removed. In order to treat the rest of the tumour Masha needs the medicine Temodal. The monthly course costs 45,000 Rubles ($1,450 or €1,050). You have paid for two courses of Temodal treatment.

Lina Zavyalova, 4 years old

Diagnosis: congenital cardiac malformation. Urgent requirements: $6,650 for an endovascular operation in the Tomsk Heart Surgery Center. Funds raised to date: $6,750.

Zaykova Elena, 10 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis with pseudomonas aeruginosa in lungs. Lena urgently needs treatment with antibiotic Tobramycin that would stop lungs destruction. Such treatment costs 273,000 rubles (8,900 dollars)

Zeltser Eugene, 43 years old

Diagnosis: Blood cancer. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is the only way to save Eugene. He does not have a donor among his relatives; and he cannot afford to find a donor in the World Marrow Donor Association, WMDA. We beg you to help the family in collecting EUR 5 000.

Zenkhov Matvey, 5 years old

Diagnosis: Rhabdomyosarcoma, RMS. After several unsuccessful attempts to treat Matvey in Kazakhstan, his parents brought the boy to N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center, Moscow. For a month and a half the doctors of the center have been fighting with the disease; and they still have very many things to do — operation, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. But the family has no more money to keep on the treatment. We beg you to help in collecting for the boy RUB 500 000.

Zharkov Svyatoslav

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. This baby is not born yet. His disorder was revealed during the ultrasound. With such a complicated disease the baby will die during the first 2 or 3 days of his life, if the surgery is not performed. There is very little time for finding the money. The surgery costs 236,000 rubles (7,850 dollars).

Zhdankova Sofia, 4 years old

Sofia suffers from cerebral palsy. She needs medical treatment at the St. Petersburg Brain Institute, which will cost $4,075. Medical treatment was paid. At February 2007 we paid the second course of treatment and aeroplane tickets, which costed $5,384.

Zhdanova Marina,13

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Marina needs a rehabilitation course and casting treatment, which is offered at Childrens Clinical Rehabilitation Centre at Evpatory. The cost of treatment amounts to 143 653 Roubles. The amount has been collected.

Zhizhina Vika, 3 years

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Vika’s lungs have pseudomonas aeruginosa. This infection is destroying them and it usually is the main cause of such patients’ death. Not so long ago Russian patients with cystic fibrosis got access to a medicine that is very effective against pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is called Toby for inhalation. One course of that medication costs 262,995 rubles (8,600 dollars). Vika’s parents simply don’t have enough money, we ask for your help in letting Vika breathe freely again.

Zhukovin Iliya, 17 years old

Diagnosis: Viscidosis. Ilya needs help to pay 180000 rubles for the medicine. His condition is serious, last year he had two surgeries and he can’t get over till now. We need your help!

Ziyamuhamedova Muhsinabonu, 5 months old

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder (total anomalous pulmonary venous connection). Girl’s heart needs urgent correction that can be done in Saint-Petersburg City Children’s Hospital #1. The surgery costs 284,000 rubles (9,300 US dollars). The family cannot find this much money.

Zlobin Vova, 5 years old

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Previous course of treatment showed that Vova has a good chance to recover. It all depends on how regular treatment is. This fall he is supposed to go to Yevpatoriya clinic for another course. The cost is 148,080 rubles (5,300 dollars). He needs your help.

Zolotukhin Kirill, 17 years old

Diagnosis: infantile cerebral palsy. Despite the illness, Kirill lives an active life: studying at school, doing sports and taking part in competitions, skydiving. And now, after the surgery, he has a chance to start walking. But for this, Kirill needs training on a special machine, that will train all muscle groups. Such a machine is too expensive for a boy’s family. We ask you to help to collect 98 000 rubles for its purchase.

Zolotukhina Kseniya, 13 years old

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. To fight pseudomonas aeruginosa that is destroying her lungs, Kseniya needs to take «Kolistin» for three months. This medicine is the most effective, but it is not in the reimbursement list. Three-months supply costs 120,000 rubles (3,900 dollars).

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