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Abbakumov Kirill, 12 years old

Date of birth: 20 September 1997.

Diagnosis: epilepsy. During the past 12 years Kirill was on 11 different medications, but none of those helped. Therefore, he needs a surgery that can be done in an American clinic. Unfortunately, Russian doctors do not have the necessary experience, the child cannot be saved in Russia. The surgery costs 83,350 dollars. Kirill’s parents have collected half the money, but without your help they can never get it all.
2 September 2010

Kirill had his first seizure when he was 1 year 9 months old. Doctors could not stop it for 40 minutes. When it did stop, the doctors gave Kirill’s mom an advice to give him up. They said the boy would not be able to develop any new skills, and the seizures would happen again. The parents simply could not leave their baby, they still had hope that their Kirill would get better. Until he was 5 Kirill didn’t show any signs of development. He didn’t speak and almost didn’t walk. The doctors couldn’t do anything, but the parents were stubborn in trying to find ways to help their son. They went to Israel and were able to make Kirill feel better for 3 years. They still don’t know what exactly helped, whether it was good rehabilitation method or the new medication. It was the longest period of remission. During this time Kirill learned a lot of new words, started walking, even learned to count. Unfortunately the seizures came back, and everything was lost again. Doctors were not able to help. The parents were desperate. They had to watch their son gradually lose everything he had achieved in three years.

This spring Kirill had an appointment with a neurologist and epileptologist S.O. Aivazyan, PhD. He said the following:

Many antiepileptic medications were prescribed during 11 years of treatment, none of those brought any improvement. In this situation surgery is medically necessary.

The big problem is that there are no experienced specialists who could conduct such surgery. Also, the necessary equipment is missing. As a result, nobody can help Kirill in his own country, even though there are chances to cure him. His leading doctor is consulting Miami Children’s Hospital. Their doctors do have the experience and they give an 80% chance that Kirill’s seizures will stop. Unfortunately the examination and the surgery cost 80,000 dollars. It is impossible for Kirill’s parents to find that much money. They have exhausted all their resources and were able to collect only half the money, 40,000 dollars.

Meanwhile Kirill has up to 7 seizures every night. It seems that he’s asleep and everything is normal, but his brain is not working properly. Nothing can help him but the surgery.

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