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Abramova Kristina, 8 years old

Date of birth: 5 August 2003.

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy. Kristina’s parents don’t have money to pay for the rehabilitation course in Yevpatoria. The course should be taken as soon as possible; it is the obligatory part of rehabilitation after the surgery. We ask for your help to collect 170370 rubles for Kristina.
13 July 2012

Kristina is a really desired baby for her Mom and Dad. Previous 4 pregnancies were difficult — children didn’t survive. After so many losses Kristina became the real miracle for the family. The parents thought: "As she grows up she will be beautiful and smart. We should give her the best — dolls, dresses, nice schoolbags and notebooks. But the cruel disease destroyed all the dreams. Kristina has Cerebral Palsy. Of course, the girl plays with dolls and enjoys new dresses. But now home trainers and trips to rehabilitation centers are much more desired. When the girl had to be home-schooled, Kristina clearly understood that her future depends on the persistent treatment.

The parents love Kristina so much that they couldn’t love her more even if she was healthy. They believe she will still have dresses and notebooks, she will enter the university, have her own family and children. Otherwise there is no sense in anything she already had to go through: three intensive rehabilitation courses in Truskavets, annual visits of different clinics and tests of new methods, one muscle surgery and four hip surgeries, regular massage and exhausting physical training every day. All of that is very difficult for a child but nothing is useless — Kristina must learn to walk.

Of course there is still a lot to be done. Cerebral Palsy is a really hard disease but it can be defeated. But this fight is very expensive. It’s not enough just to make efforts and to have a strong desire. The parents work double tides, save on the essentials but there’s still not enough money. They need to find 170 370 rubles for the trip to the Clinical sanatorium in Yevpatoria as soon as possible. In May the metal plates, which Kristina had after the last surgery, were removed. The next steps of the treatment are plastering and rehabilitation. It’s impossible to delay or to give up the procedures; otherwise the last surgery would have been useless and wouldn’t change anything in her physical condition. We ask you to help Kristina and to make her dream to become healthy come true.

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