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Agejkin Vladimir, 20 years old

Date of birth: 13 July 1992.
Moscow Region, Lyubertsy.

Diagnosis: mucoviscidosis, Ps. aeroginosa infection. In order to save Vladimir’s lungs, he needs regular antibiotics therapy. The «colistin» antibiotic will help to suppress the Ps. aeroginosa infection in the lungs and save Vladimir’s life. The cost of the treatment is 193,071 rubles.
31 July 2012

We ask you once more to support Vladimir!

Approximately every 3-4 months Vladimir suffers from exacerbations. It means that every time he has to leave his affairs for several weeks in order to get treatment with the special medicine. And then return back to his daily life again. But that’s an ideal scenario. As a matter of fact things go completely differently. In the period between exacerbations Vladimir is in constant search for medicines and funds for these medicines, and never does he find the money before he finds the drugs. The condition gets worse anyway, and Vladimir is unable to help himself.

For the «Colistin» treatment, which helps Vladimir fight with Ps. aeroginosa infection but which sometimes causes complications, 193,071 roubles are needed. But Vladimir is a student. All his income is a disability pension (13,000 roubles/month). He lives in Moscow, a city not cheap at all, because if he returns back to his village in the Lipetsk Region, where all his family lives, there will be no medicines and no future. Here among his friends there is at least a hope for help.

Now is also a time when Vladimir is supposed to leave everything and get his regular treatment. But instead he sends letters to charity funds starting with words: «You helped me so much already, that I am ashamed to ask you for help again. But I have no other choice, and I’m feeling bad». Vladimir simply doesn’t have the medicines or the money to buy them. Without your help it is possible that Vladimir won’t make it. Please help him!

21 July 2012

Raising funds for «Colistin» for Vladimir is over, the medicine has already arrived to the fund’s office, and in the nearest days the boy will be able to start the treatment. Thank you all who helped to pay for the life-saving medicines one more time!

7 July 2011

It’s very easy for us to tell you about Vladimir: of all whom we supervise he visits our office more often than anyone else. It can be said he is both lucky and unlucky. He was born with a serious disease, but at some point met people who offered support, helped him believe that everything will go well, and he is not lonely now. He needs the «Colistin» antibiotic, otherwise the infection will harm his lungs so that he won’t be able to breathe normally.

Here is what Vladimir tells of himself:

I was born in Kazakhstan. After being born doctors noticed health problems and I was diagnosed with mucoviscidosis almost right away, which happens in Kazakhstan very rarely. Parents brought me to Russia as soon as it was understood that I wouldn’t survive in Kazakhstan. I was almost dying, but in the Lipetsk municipal hospital I was brought back to life. Since then we settled down in a village in the Lipetsk Region. There are 3 children in our family. My mother works at a plant, her salary is miserable.

There is no job for the father in the village, so he runs the house. That’s the way we lived, but each year I felt worse. Doctors in Lipetsk didn’t forward me to Moscow, thinking their way of treatment was absolutely correct. As it turned out later wrong antibiotics were prescribed and in wrongs doses. One year I was living in a sequence: a month in the hospital — a month at home — a month in the hospital — a month at home, and so on.

When I was 17, I was forwarded to Moscow for the first time. By my condition I immediately started feeling how effective the treatment was. But most importantly I made close friends and met my girlfriend in the hospital. Many volunteers have visited me and told me lots of information about treatment of mucoviscidosis which I didn’t know about. They told me about the mutual help community, lungs transplantation, new medicines and elaboration of the newest drugs. That was the time I gained hope. First time in my life I started believing that I am not doomed to death and that I have a chance for a long and happy life, and it’s only necessary to spend effort for it every day.

My request for additional hospitalization to the Russian Children Clinical Hospital was turned down because I was turning 18. The condition worsened again, things got bad and I wrote to volunteers Nikita and Yana asking them to help me somehow. They came to my village in order to take me to Moscow and to make my parents understand that this step was absolutely necessary. It was like a rescue operation. I think that if they didn’t take me to Moscow at that point, I wouldn’t be alive now. I lived in Nikita’s apartment for 2 weeks, there he taught me some techniques of kinetotherapy (a special method of healing the ones ill with mucoviscidosis which helps to clean lungs out of phlegm). I started feeling much better, and then Nikita and Yana made me accepted to the Children’s Health Sciences Center, where I was hospitalized to for 3 times in total and where I was put on my feet finally.

I’m fine since then, living in Lyubertsy with my girlfriend and studying in a college in Moscow. But of course the disease has not disappeared, periodically I go through exacerbations, and in such cases get the intravenous antibiotics therapy at home. My physician in charge is Amelina Elena Lvovna from the Municipal Clinical Hospital #57, where the mucoviscidosis center for adults is located. She recommended to go through a Colistin treatment, otherwise Ps. aeroginosa infection in lungs would grow, and that would substantially worsen my condition and the prognosis. The bigger the bacteria colony gets, the bigger is inflammation, the more phlegm appears, phlegm which fills lungs and complicates breathing. It is certain I will become dependent on oxygen caddy at some point, so I do everything possible to make this future come as late as possible. With the «Colistin» antibiotic it is possible to stop lungs from collapse making me able to live my life to the fullest. I’m begging all compassionate ones to help me raise money in order to buy Colistin!

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