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Aleksandrovskaya Alina, 10 years old

Date of birth: 8 April 2001.
Furmanov city, Ivanovskaya oblast.

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas aeruginosa. Alina’s lungs are being destroyed by infection that does not react to most antibiotics. Only Toby can fight the infection, but unfortunately it is not in the list of medication that can be obtained for free. One course of treatment consists of 3 pack of medicine with the total cost of 262,995 rubles (9,500 dollars).
3 June 2011

We met Alina for the first time in 2009. Alina was fighting the infection as hard as she could. She was alone in that fight because the family didn’t have medicine or money to get it. Your help was greatly appreciated by the family, before that they could only rely on themselves.

Back then Alina promised that she will also help people. You all helped her feel better and now she is also trying to help someone. She doesn’t have many opportunities, she is only 10 years old. She does what she can — she helps students in her school with their studies. It’s easy for her, as she is a straight-A student. Thanks to her many of her classmates improved their grades, started to like school and made friends with others. Alina knows what she’s talking about when she tells people how important it is to cherish every moment in life. How silly it is to waste time on laziness and hatred, how irresponsible it is to put things off for later, since later may never come.

Now Alina is hospitalized in the Russian Children’s hospital. Her condition has worsened. Lungs are infected again and Alina cannot breather freely. Her mom and dad are afraid Alina will become that weak child with no interest in anything at all, just like before. Alina is waiting for help. She knows that her parents don’t have money even for one pack of Toby that costs 87,665 rubles. She also knows that she needs three of those. Otherwise breathing will be harder and harder to do.

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