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Alekseeva Masha, 11 years old

Date of birth: 28 August 1998.
St.-Petersburg, Russia.

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. In her short life Masha had three heart surgeries, but her treatment is not finished yet. Her heart needs to be prepared for further corrections with a very expensive medicine sildenafil («Viagra»). One course lasts 6 months and costs 273,600 rubles (7,060 USD). Masha’s mom raises her alone, so she cannot earn that much money. Masha needs the medicine urgently!
12 July 2010

Masha’s mom Natalia Vladimirovna says in her letter:

Masha was 2 months old when she had her first surgery. She was 2 years old at the time of the second one. In 2006 she had Fontan procedure. Arterial oxygen saturation is still very low, and falls even lower with physical exercise. Due to her health condition Masha is on the home schooling system.

My daughter is a very studious girl, she is interested in many different things. Unfortunately, she can’t be active, she gets tired very quickly, it gets hard for her to breathe and move. We regularly go to our leading doctor’s examinations at the St.-Petersburg City Children’s Hospital #1. On our last consultation the doctor told us to start taking sildenafil («Viagra») immediately. It is a very expensive medicine. I am a single mom, I have to raise my daughter on my own. We don’t get any help from anyone. I beg you, please, help me save my only child!

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