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Anvarzoda Ezozahon, 3 years old

Date of birth: 14 March 2007.
Tashkent city.

Diagnosis: microphthalmia (underdeveloped eyes). On March 14 Ezoza must be hospitalized, she will have the second step surgery that will make her see. Ezoza’s father is a single parent to her and 3 more daughters. He was able to pay for the first step surgery, but he needs help in paying for the second. It costs 124,000 rubles (4,250 dollars).
21 February 2011

Sanzhar Yusupov is a single parent. His first wife gave birth to triplets, all girls. She died while in labor. Then the second marriage brought another daughter, Ezozahon. The only cloud on their happiness was that all daughters had a congenital disease, underdeveloped eyes. Because of that the second wife left Sanzhar. She decided that it would be impossible to treat all four sick children, and that her life would become unbearable.

So Sanzhar became a single parent. He is not afraid of difficulties, his children are his happiness, and he believes that fighting for their life is his duty. Especially because the illness is curable. In Moscow they do surgeries and make kids like that see perfectly well. Sanzhar had a goal of making all of his daughters healthy and has almost reached it. He saved most of his income from working as a school history teacher and within two years paid two surgeries for each of the three older daughters. Now they are completely healthy and go to a regular day care center.

The youngest daughter Ezoza had one surgery so far. Back then her dad had enough money and could pay 124,000 rubles (4,250 dollars) for it. On March 14 she is supposed to have the step-two surgery for final correction. Unfortunately, Sanzhar now ran out of savings. We are asking you to help him make his child healthy.

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