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Azizmoukhammadi Begmakhmad, 8 years old

Date of birth: 20 June 2007.
Tajikistan, Sarazm village.

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect (CHD). The boy’s state of health is bad; there is much to be done to save him and it will cost a lot. The whole village had collected money for the boy and his mother so that they could fly to Moscow; but it turned out that it was an easy task. The family will be able to pay for the operation only if you help in collecting RUB 304 100. Please, help!
24 December 2015

She is almost 40, she lives in a distant village and she is a mother of four children. A serious illness of her youngest child made her take a pen and write a letter trying to choose the appropriate words. She sends the letter to a city 4000 km away from her house — it seems to her that there they might save her son. She is bad at Russian, so in her letter Begmakhmad’s diagnosis is put down as ‘парок сирса’ instead of ‘порок сердца’. In this plea for help no one word is written correctly, but there is an ocean of mother’s love and pain. And there is also the hope that her son will be saved.

Because of the illness Begmakhmad is a bachward child; any physical effort makes him feel sick and suffer from weakness, as his heart lacks of oxygen. Playing board games and watching TV are the only activities which his heart can bear. And the boy would really like to run around or play football sometimes. In his case the CHD is serious, but it can be cured. the doctors from Bakulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery have agreed to perform the operation; the only problem is its cost. Begmakhmad is a foreigner, so the treatment in the hospital will cost for him RUB 304 100. The dwellers of the village where the family lives did their best and have raised a sum of money. But the sum is not large; it will be enough to buy the return air tickets to Moscow for the boy and his mother. In January the Russian surgeons should perform the operation, which would drastically change the boy’s life.

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