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Baboshina Arina, 2 years old

Date of birth: 1 June 2099.
Kotlas city, Archangelskaya oblast.

Diagnois: Schwachman-Diamond Syndrome with transformation into myelodysplastic syndrome. The family needs help in paying for anti-fungus medicine for two months until the bone marrow transplantation that is already scheduled. The cost is 139,230 rubles (4,700 dollars).
31 August 2011

Thanks to our partner, medical supplier «Samson-Farma» the bill for Noxafil for Arina is lowered by almost 40,000 rubles! Now the cost is around 140,000 rubles (4,700 dollars).

30 August 2011

From the letter of Arina’s mom:

Our youngest daughter Arina is very sick, she has Schwachman-Diamond syndrome with transformation into myelodysplastic syndrome. It is a very rare genetic disorder that means that her bone marrow doesn’t work properly. The only way to save her is to have bone marrow transplant. Last October Arina had her father’s bone marrow transplanted, but unfortunately it was rejected after 4 months. Now our daughter will have another transplant, this time from me. In between the transplantations she needs to take certain medicine that is not provided for free. For example, she needs to take 1.5 bottles of Noxafil every month. One bottle costs 60,000 rubles (2,000 dollars). I don’t work, and Arina’s dad has to take time off work very often to help me with Arina. We have to spend a lot of money on examinations and tests, medicine and hospitals. We are asking for your help in paying for Noxafil. The second surgery is scheduled for October. To survive until then Arina needs 3 bottles of Noxafil. Please, help!

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