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Bagauov Kamil, 2 years old

Date of birth: 15 April 2014.
Naberezhnye Chelny.

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect (CHD), Ebstein’s anomaly. We beg you to help in collecting money to pay for the heart operation that the boy needs badly. It will cost RUB 679 962; Kamil’s mother does not possess such a sum.
11 January 2017

Kamil suffers from a fairly rare heart defect — Ebstein’s anomaly. 8-10 children out of 1000 newborns are born with CHD; this particular defect is diagnosed only in 1% of all heart defects. No surprise, therefore, that very few doctors can cure such a patient.

It happened so, that Kamil appears to be among those consisting this tiny part. During two years the heart surgeons in Kazan made no attempts to treat the boy, as no one of them was experienced enough in the operations of this kind. The only thing they performed was to record the changes in his state provided by the boy’s mother — that Kamil was lacking in appetite and had difficulties with sleeping. And they also monitored cardiac murmurs to try and predict for how long the boy could stay alive without being operated. The latter examination showed that the boy’s state got worse — blue circle around his mouth and nose, violet fingers, paleness; obviously, it was high time for the operation. There was no need in palpitation to make sure that Kamil’s health was deteriorating; after climbing up the stairs for a while he gasped for breath and hanged in his mother’s arms absolutely exhausted.

The operation is going to be performed by the cardiac surgeons in Children’s City Hospital (Saint Petersburg); luckily, they are experienced enough in it. But for the boy from Kazan the treatment there is not free of charge; and Kamil’s mother has no money to cover the expenses. She is bringing up two boys on her own; she cannot start working until Kamil is cured, as she has to constantly look after her son, whose heart beats so poorly. The cost of the operation is RUB 679 962. We beg you to help Kamil!

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