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Balabina Ksenia, 6 years old

Date of birth: 6 March 2011.

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy. Muscle tone dislocates the right footstep, which results in the girl’s disability to walk. The doctors in this country do not take any steps to solve the problem. The German surgeons recommend that the girl should undergo an operation immediately: the longer it is delayed the more difficult the process of rehabilitation will be, and the fewer chances to be cured the girl will have. The cost of the operation is EUR 17 118. We beg you for help!
18  2017

Ksenia is a wanted child. At the beginning, Irina, Ksenia’s mother, had a normal pregnancy; but being 29 weeks pregnant, she caught influenza. This disease was really serious and led to severe consequences. First, her blood sugar level increased dramatically, and then it decreased equally sharply. The fetus appeared to be in danger; a caesarian section was performed urgently. Blood sugar level of the newly born baby was unstable as well; at the fourth day of her life the girl had cerebral bleed, also known as intracerebral hemorrhage. The doctors’ predictions were extremely gloomy, as most children suffering from this disease die by the age of twelve months, while the rest become disabled.

Luckily, Ksenia survived; thus, one of the predictions did not come true. This fact convinced her parents that they should do their best to fight for their child and help her avoid disability. They have already achieved quite a lot: Ksenia can walk with an aid, stand while being backed, answer questions and keep conversation flow; she copes with some tasks, eats without any help, lets her parent know she needs to go to the toilet. She enjoys reading with her parents, watching cartoons, learning by heart and presenting small poems, learning ABC and counting. Since the girl was born, her life is an endless series of obstacles and troubles: constant treating, endless courses of rehabilitation, daily physical training.

Nowadays Ksenia is making attempts to walk on her own. But a serious muscle tone of the right footstep prevents the girl from moving her leg properly: she always twists her ankle and has overpronation. During doing physical training she even feels pain. Several specialists in the field give different recommendations — that the girl should undergo an operation on the Achilles tendon or that her leg should be put in a plaster cast for many years. No one of them, however, could guarantee her cure.

Among others, a German professor, an expert in the field of pediatric orthopaedics, examined Ksenia. He suggested that a very promising, though complicated, operation should be performed. The children who have undergone this operation today can walk on their own. Ksenia has every chance to walk as well! The only obstacle is the cost of the treatment is too high — EUR 17 118.

It was predicted that Ksenia either would become profoundly disabled or would die. Nevertheless, the girl remains alive; moreover, her state of health is quite acceptable. This is the chance not to be missed! In the family the only member to have a job is the girl’s father; he will not manage to raise the required sum on his own. We beg you to help Ksenia!

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