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Baranova Ekhaterina, 27 years old

Date of birth: 25 February 1990.

Diagnosis: Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL). The disease fails to respond well to chemotherapy. The only chance to save Katya is bone marrow transplantation, but it cannot be performed unless the girl is in stable remission. The only means to do achieve this state is the medicine Adcetris; but it costs EUR 11 712. Katya's family does not posses such a sum. They need your help!
15 March 2017

To die is frightening. To die aged 27, when you have a baby that is too small to remember you, is unbareble. Katya was diagnosed cancer when she was pregnant. Today her daughter is two, and for these two years Katya has beet struggling for her life. The situation is very difficult, and her chance to stay alive is too remote and too slender, as the treating requires an enormous sum of money — EUR 11 712. Katya has never possessed such a sum, and she will never manage to collect it at once, as it should be done for her urgent treatment.

Katya suffers from a type of cancer that is resistant to chemo. This means that swellings do not respond to the given chemo courses. Katya was in remission for a short time, the doctors have managed to achieve this state. But every time after a while the negative growth came back. Other way of treating was propozed to Katya: to perform bone marrow transplantation using Adcetris.

This medicine is indeed a revolution in treating Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a real chance for the patients whose disease failed to respond the standard therapy. The first results of applying the drug were so outstanding that US Department of Health and Human Services made a decision to register it immediately. Unfortunately, in this country the medicine has not been included in official treating protocols so far; it is not included on the list of vitally important drugs; there is no quota to be distributed by the state. Russian patients have nothing to do but buy the drug on their own; but its cost is extremely high — about EUR 4000 per a flask.

For Katya this chance to survive is the last, but the most real and solid. Still, she has no opportunity to use it. She cannot afford Adcetris; she has nothing valuable to be sold. The only thing she has is her hope and her wish never to surrender, her wish to stay with her child, to live a long life and see her child growing up. She does need your help. We beg you to save Katya!

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