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Baranovskaya Maria, 7 years

Date of birth: 29 January 2001.
Novosibirsk, Russia.

The diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas infection. The infection is rapidly destroying the lungs of the girl. The antibiotic Colistin can help to cope with this infection; however Maria’s mother cannot afford it. You helped to raise required €2000 to pay for three-months course. Thank you!
4 June 2009

Required funds (€2000) was gathered and three-months course of Colistin antibiotic was payed. Thank you!

30 April 2009

From the letter of Yelena Baranovskaya, Maria’s mother:

Since birth Maria had a problem putting on weight and suffered from the spasms of coughing attacks. For a long time the doctors were unable to make out a correct diagnosis for my girl. In our local hospital all the personnel knew us, the ambulance came regularly to our house to help with the spasms of coughing attacks, but when I asked the doctors what was happening to my child, they could not give an answer.

This way we suffered until Maria turned 4, when she was finally checked for mucoviscidosis. The diagnosis proved to be correct and since then we started the treatments. Every day my daughter takes her medicine, makes inhalations, I massage her — everything according to a strict schedule. Now Maria is 8, she is grown and managed to put on some weight, she is even considered to be a rather big girl.

In our country there are very few treatments available through the state medicine supply programmes. In the European countries most of the medicine that we have to buy independently is available through National Health Services.

Recently the doctors have discovered that the lungs of my daughter are infected with the pseudomonas infection, which can only be treated with the antibiotics Colistin. Unfortunately, it is impossible to receive it for free and the price for the treatment is much more than we can possibly afford — over 2,000 Euro. The only sources of income in our family (and I am a single mother) is the child’s benefit and Maria’s disability pension — 150 Euro per month in total.

Please help us! It is very disappointing, when a health of a child depends on the money, their parents do not have.

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