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Bartosh Denis, 11 years

Date of birth: 14 January 1998.
Lytkarino, Moscow region, Russia.

The diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Denis can’t walk without help, but the physicians are sure it can get better. The best time of year for Denis is summer when he can travel big distances by himself — using the orthopedic bike. Last year Denis grew up and the old bike is now too small for him. You have helped to pay for a new orthopedic bicycle for Denis, which costs 700 euros. Many thanks!
27 August 2008

We are happy to inform you that money for a new bicycle for Denis are collected!

From the letter of Tatyana, Denis’ mum:

Dear friends! Today we have learnt that money for a bicycle are collected. Denis was going to write to you the message himself, has tried for 20 minutes to get on the necessary keys, even printed with his nose. So I have suggested ito help and now we write the letter together. Denis after a meeting in the fund has told both to his grandfather, and to his friend Alenka that he will soon have a bicycle. And he invites you all to visit us. I am very glad that we have met such remarkable people as you in our life!

The orthopedic bike Deis needs
16 August 2009

Recently Denis with his mum came to visit us at the foundation’s office. Not many children, whose stories you read on a website, come to us personally. Children are seriously ill, and they need help, instead of visits. Children with cerebral palsy in general have great difficulties in movement, and many of them cannot walk at all. But Denis has arrived to us from a city near Moscow by a suburban train, and then by the underground. And all this simply to get acquainted with us. It is a wonderful family! They have so much cheerfulness, energy and fun.

Illness has not spared the child. Because of the strong spastic in his feet Denis cannot walk on his own, his hands constantly twitch, as if he is a puppet in hands of the severe puppeteer. His tongue muscles are under such pressure, that even his own name Denis says with huge difficulty. But it is amazing, because you still understand everything that Deniska wants to tell you. He does not want a sweet, or a toy, he does not want to drink, but he wants the good weather for tomorrow. If this happens, than Denis and his mum will go bathing in the lake near their house.

And Denis wants a bicycle very much. The summer has not ended yet, and Denis will have time to go on a bicycle, if all of us will really try and help him.

Denis and his mum at the foundation’s office
Denis with his mother Tatiana
Riding the old orthopedic bike, now it is too small for him

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Collected: 31,000 rubles (721 euros).

donor name date amount
15 Ekaterina 25.08.2009 12,305 rubles
14 Butylina Marina 20.08.2009 3,000 rubles
13 Julja 19.08.2009 198 rubles
12 Miljukova Valentina 18.08.2009 3,000 rubles
11 Abalina Ksenija 18.08.2009 1,000 rubles
10 Lebedeva Marija 18.08.2009 1,000 rubles
9 Veronika Protasova 09.08.2009 4,732 rubles
8 Anonymously 05.08.2009 1,000 rubles
7 Anonymously 05.08.2009 148 rubles
6 Nikolaj 04.08.2009 2,970 rubles
5 Nadya K. 04.08.2009 1,000 rubles
4 Anonymously 04.08.2009 50 rubles
3 Katja 03.08.2009 396 rubles
2 Andrej 03.08.2009 198 rubles
1 Anonymously 03.08.2009 3 rubles

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