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Baryaeva Masha, 2 years old

Date of birth: 15 August 2008.
St. Petersburg.

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. The child needs urgent surgery that can be done in Berlin cardiology center. Total cost is 40,000 euros, the parents have already found 30,000 euros. Time is running out.
10 February 2011

From the letter of Masha’s mom, Natalia:

Masha is our first child, we’ve been looking forward to her birth. We were so excited to find out that I was pregnant! I was dreaming how I’ll hold her after she is born, how I will show her to my husband. But everything went differently. Right after delivery doctors took her to the ICU, she was all blue, she could barely breathe. She was diagnosed with congenital heart disorder: Fallot’s tetralogy, pulmonary atresia. Since then the hospital became our home. My little daughter had two surgeries, she has two bypasses installed. The surgeries were performed by the great heart surgeon Lyubomudrov Vadim Germanovich who worked in the Children City Hospital at the time.

After the first surgery I couldn’t believe the improvements. My daughter’s arms turned pink, before that she was all purplish. After the second surgery her legs turned pink too. They also started feeling warm. I was so happy! Our little girl could live, she learned to crawl and sit. And then she started walking! Masha is growing, and like other children she is being more active, but for her everything is much harder. She gets tired very quickly, she gets short of breath. The level of oxygen in her blood isn’t high enough. She needs one last radical surgery to fix all the defects and put a pulmonary valve. Unfortunately, Dr. Lyubomudrov has quit his job and now nobody can do that surgery. All the other doctors in the Children’s’ cIty Hospital don’t have enough experience to perform a surgery that complicated.

We have consulted with the Berlin Cardiology Center and Dr. Ovrutskiy gave us hope. He said they’d be able to operate. But the surgery costs 39,480 euros. It is a huge amount of money for our family and we can’t borrow from anyone. Masha is all we have, and we’d give everything so that she can stay with us. Please, if you have an opportunity, help us save our little heart!

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