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Batyajev Dmitry, 27 years old

Date of birth: 4 May 1988.

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy (CP). Dmitry lives an active lifestyle, though to be able to walk he requires special equipment for his legs. He has to use simple and cheap devices, so he is dragging along six kilos of extra weight on his feet, and is moving them with a great difficulty. He dreams of using their counterparts that are lighter and more portable — his life would change for the better to a certain extant. But he has no money to buy the devices. His family does not manage to help him, as his younger sister also has Cerebral palsy (CP); now their parents are spending all their savings on treating the girl. It will cost RUB 234 422 to manufacture special equipment for Dmitry. We beg you for help!
24 November 2015

To live and to make something of themselves are the main goals of the people who have been diagnosed PC in their childhood. Even if their hands do not function properly, their fingers are not skilful enough, and they have difficulties with walking — they do know how to be happy despite everything. They know they will be happy, if they understand what they want; and thus the motto ‘Cerebral palsy is not a sentence’ is not only a motto, but the truth.

Dmitry is 27 and he has CP. He is a rock musician and he plays the guitar. He is an actor; he is in a theatre group and has roles in plays. He takes part in many social programmes in his city. He is a communicative, active and inventive young man who has learnt how to enjoy his life. His profession is a psychologist. He has graduated from university, but has not found a job yet. The thing is, sometimes it might be difficult to explain an employer that an illness is not an obstacle or being an extremely dedicated professional. And Dmitry is a real professional indeed, as he has already had a wealth of real-life experience of overcoming the illness and resolving problems; he has learnt to value things he owns. It is extremely important, because the better part of people consult a psychologist to realise why they are not happy, though they are in a perfect health and on the surface seem to have no troubles.

But like any other person, Dmitry wants to achieve far more things. He is able to walk only with special equipment fixed on his legs. This is no longer a wheelchair, and Dmitry is really happy about it. But the devices he uses are too huge and heavy, so he has to drag along six kilos of extra weight. Dmitry weights only 40 kilos, so the pieces of equipment, which are aimed at facilitating walking, look more like kettlebells and pin him down. Hence, Dmitry is just dreaming of walking on his own and being free to move. He cannot afford the lighter and more portable counterparts of the devices, because their cost is too high — RUB 234 422; he does not have such a large sum of money.

And he cannot ask his parents for help. They have already done a lot to treat him; now they do their best to help his younger sister Nastya, a child with PC. Besides, they simply do not have such a sum, as they get on their father’s salary and two child benefits. Dmitry has not found a job yet; and he will hardly manage to apply until he can walk. The young man has no chance to solve the problem until you help him — there is a high price to pay for freedom. But there are lots of us, and together we can help Dmitry to cross the last barrier. We beg you to help Dmitry!

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