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Bazarova Jannet, 7 years

Date of birth: 27 May 2002.

The diagnosis: osteogenesis imperfect (brittle bones). Because of the illness the child suffers constant feet fractures and any incautious move can lead to an injury. To make bones strong the child needs 8—10 treatment courses in the coming three years. One course costs 70,000 Rubles ($2,260 or €1,628). We have raised money for the two courses of treatment. Thank you!
21 June 2010

Jannet just finished her first grade, she is a straight-A student. She loves school, she reads very well, knows her math, likes drawing and cross-stitching. She is very active, turns to everything new and enjoys helping her classmates do their homework. Right now Jannet is on vacation, she is preparing for the trip to Moscow.

At this point the doctors are thinking about surgical intervention, along with medication that is already in use. Jannet’s attending doctor is consulting with his colleagues in London. Girl’s right elbow almost lost its flexion because of bone condensing. Doctors say it’s inevitable, but it can be fixed. Thanks to the previous treatment Jannet’s bones are getting stronger, but bone mass grows unevenly. Because of that joints become immovable. If bone condensing isn’t removed on time, there is high risk that Jannet will not be able to move her legs and arms at all. We don’t know yet which treatment will be chosen and when it will begin. Right now Janet is preparing to go to Moscow to get her regular course of treatment in American medical center. Doctors are waiting for her in the beginning of August.

We thank you for not leaving Jannet alone with her troubles and for helping her find the money. Jannet’s parents cannot afford all the expensive treatments. Their income can barely cover the travel expenses. We are asking you again to help pay for Jannet’s health.

6 September 2009

Jannet ’s father has sent the letter and new photos of his daughter:

I want to express to all of you our boundless gratitude! You have helped to collect money for two courses of treatment for Jannet. These are very big sums for us. We give thanks to all of you! May God watch over you and your families! Our family is grateful to all who took part in the collection and was so generous with donations. Many,many thanks to you!

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