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Belokurova Masha, 2 years old

Date of birth: 18 March 2008.
Zhukovskii city, Moscow region..

Diagnosis: anemia. Masha is alive because she constantly takes medicine. There is no other way to maintain the necessary level of hemoglobin and platelets in her blood. Every course of treatment with that medicine is very expensive. The family has three children and barely enough money for the necessities. Now they need 123,200 rubles (4,200 dollars) for the medicine. We are asking for your help. They need the money as soon as possible.
18 February 2011

From the letter of Masha’s mom:

In 2009 Masha was vaccinated. Something went wrong, and after that vaccine she started getting sick all the time, blood parameters became very volatile. We live in Zhukovskii city, we don’t have children’s oncologists or hematologists here, so we had to wait for a long time to be able to go to Moscow’s regional oncological center in Balashikha. There Masha was diagnosed with anemia and doctors started her on Octagam. During hospitalization Masha received the medicine for free, but she needs to repeat courses of treatment when her blood parameters become bad. Now we are finishing another course, people from church helped us to get money for it. But we need to start the next course on March 1. During one course we use 14 packs, that is 123,200 rubles.

Our family has 3 children, we are expecting the fourth one. The doctors said Masha might need bone marrow transplant in the future that is better to be done from a complete match. My older child is from my first marriage, and the second child is not a match. So me and my husband have decided to have another baby that could save my daughter’s life. We ask you to help us buy Masha’s medicine. We simply cannot get enough money by ourselves!

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