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Bogorskaia Iaroslava, 1 year old

Date of birth: 6 October 2015.

Diagnosis: Congenital heart defect. Iaroslava is only one year old, but her heart does not function already. The doctors that consult her have agreed upon the most effective date for an operation — October of the current year. The problem is her parents do not have RUB 300 000 to pay for the operation. Iaroslava has come to Moscow from Ukraine; in her mother land she has hardly any chance to be cured. She does need your help!
18 October 2016

Iaroslava was born in October 2015 on the territory where a military campaign was being unfolded — in Donetsk oblast, Ukraine. Everything was destroyed there, only a few elements of infrastructure did function. Among them was a maternity house, where children were born despite everything, where doctors helped new-born babies and their mothers to go through the most important period in their life, the day that came in such hard times. The doctors worked there selflessly, for a child would have little opportunity to survive in case something went wrong.

Iaroslava was born with a serious heart defect. It was not a doctors’ mistake, it just a coincidence. But the illness became the reason why Iaroslava did not have much chances to stay alive in the country she had been born. The girl should have undergone an operation in the first months of her life, but there were no necessary and sufficient condition for the operation — the family could find neither specialists, nor equipment. Owing to the fund ’Justified Help’, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, MChS delivered the girl to Moscow to the hospital № 13 named after N. Filatov. Here the operation was delayed as well. The doctors did not manage to save the child’s heart at once — Iaroslava was only two moths old, she could not respond well to such a serious treatment. That is why an additional course of treatment was performed. It did not cure the defect, but it brought the girl another year to put up weight and get prepared to a most serious operation.

The one year’s period is coming to an end; and Iaroslava is now ready to undergo the operation. It is her parents who are not ready — under the circumstances they did not manage to collect a required sum, RUB 300 000. During this year they were struggling to raise some money, they tried and worked, but the expenses on food, rent, medicine and consulting the doctors took all the earnings and savings. A long way is over; an impossible thing is almost performed. We beg you to help to cope with the task that made the family bring Iaroslava to Moscow. Please, help them to cure the girl!

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