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Summer vacation in Bulgaria 2011

Summer vacation by the sea is needed for disabled children. The cost is 437,000 rubles (15,460 dollars). Help is needed urgently!
17 June 2011

Doctors recommend that any child, even the healthy one, go to the beach in the summer. It is especially so for children with serious illnesses. For many of those kids the sea air and the sun and the warm weather are just as important as medicine. Did you know that children with respiratory illnesses are recommended to breathe sea air as much as possible? Did you know that kids with diseases of muscoskeletal system feel better with hot sand and sea water? Vacations at the beach can be very useful. Everyone knows that, except our government. They never provide free trips to the sea in summer. They are able to provide some in winter, when there is no demand and prices are low. But winter trips to the sea with winds and high humidity are often times very dangerous for children with weak immune systems!

Director of Pomogi.Org Sarra Nezhelskaya says:

My son has cerebral palsy, he is already 18 years old. Throughout all these years we were never offered a single trip to the beach! Everyone knows that summer vacation is vital for children with cerebral palsy, it is as important as rehabilitation treatment. While at sea breathing and motor functions improve, the child becomes stronger overall, and can develop better. Besides, vacation always helps psychologically.

We found a way to send several families with disabled children to summer vacation in Bulgaria. Accommodations in a hotel at the Sunny Beach will be free for them. How they get there is what we are trying to figure out. Usually Russian airlines help us with airplane tickets. This year unfortunately no carrier agreed to pay, because all tickets were bought by travel agencies, who are not ready for charity.

Last year several children were able to go to Bulgaria, read about their vacation here, here and here. Now thanks to an anonymous donor we could send families with many children to Bulgaria: Agafonovs, Bodnaruks и Lepnitskiis.

Lyudmila Lepnitskaya is sharing her experience:

Our family was able to spend a whole month in Bulgaria. We can’t thank you enough! Children were happy and they were so excited about the trip. I also was very excited, it was amazing! Without the Fund and all the kind people we wouldn’t be able to afford such vacation of course. I still can’t believe we were able to go, even though we are here right now, at the beach, swimming and sunbathing. We got two rooms in a hotel. Each room has a kitchen with all the utensils, a fridge, an AC, TV and a bathroom. Luxurious living. We try to cook food in the hotel, because in the cafeteria it’s a little bit too expensive for us. The hotel has three swimming pools, jacuzzi and children’s playground. The hotel is about 10 minutes walking distance from the sea. The beach is beautiful, with a lot of sand, the sea is not very deep. The kids are thrilled to be around so much water! Weather is very nice, it stays mostly sunny, with a few rainy days. We walk a lot. We went to the neighboring towns — Nessebar and Sveti Vlas. The kids got enough to talk about for another year!

The cost of one airplane ticket is about 350 euros, visa costs 75 euros, and 50 more euros for transfer. We can accommodate 23 more people in July and August. We understand that summer vacation at sea is not a surgery and not a life-saving event, and children still need medicine, help and rehabilitation. However, just think about how much joy each child will experience with one such trip! Our children fight their diseases every day, they go through many difficulties on their way to recovery. Haven’t they earned a little bit of happiness? We are asking you to help collect the money for the airfare to Bulgaria, so that all the disabled children can recover their strength to fight their illnesses.

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