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Burtsev Oleg, 7 years old

Date of birth: 6 June 2003.
Kurgan city.

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis, pseudomonas aeruginosa. Oleg needs a course of treatment with antibiotic Bramytob that costs 280,995 rubles (9,950 dollars).
24 March 2011

Oleg has cystic fibrosis, which means his life depends on taking medicine on time. Cystic fibrosis makes lungs susceptible to infection. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is not dangerous for healthy kids, but Oleg’s lungs are being destroyed by it. Bramytob was created specifically to fight such infections. People all over the world use this antibiotic. It will help Oleg breathe freely.

From the letter of Oleg’s mom:

Oleg started school last October, but so far he hasn’t been able to keep his attendance, so the teachers come to our house. Oleg is very sociable, he is good with both kids and grown-ups. He likes to solve puzzles and play with Lego. He has a great reasoning capacity, he solves math problems easily. And just like other kids he loves to just run around, and have fun...

I am raising Oleg by myself and unfortunately can’t afford this expensive antibiotic. My only hope is that there are kind people who will help my son live a full life.

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