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Chernov Andrey, 12 years old

Date of birth: 20 February 1999.
Salavat city, Bashkiriya.

Diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. The illness is complicated with pseudomonas aeruginosa that quickly destroys lungs. Doctors have prescribed Colistin to fight the infection, but Andrey’s mom does not have the money. One course costs 191,160 rubles (6,800 dollars).
21 June 2011

We reopen fund raising for Andrey. Help is needed urgently!

Andrey’s life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes he leads a happy life, school is easy, he gets good grades and teachers are happy with him. All because he is healthy enough to do his homework, even to play volleyball or soccer, to play outside in winter. Other times everything becomes difficult, even walking and talking is hard. Everything seems grey and sad, and nothing interests him. The reason for such drastic changes is obvious, just look at his diagnosis and you’ll know. Andrey’s good mood, good grades, happy life, actually life itself depend on medicine.

Andrey has pseudomonas aeruginosa again. One more time he has to fight it. He is just a little boy, he can’t make money or ask for money yet. His parents are asking for money for him. They don’t make enough, but at the same time they don’t want to see their son suffer. Therefore they have no other choice but to ask others for help. One course of treatment with Colistin costs 191,160 rubles (6,800 dollars). It is a lot of money for Andrey’s parents, but it means so much for Andrey. It means he can go on with his life and his childhood. We are asking for your help!

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