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Chernukha Daniil, 8 years old

Date of birth: 5 June 2004.

Diagnosis: infantile cerebral paralysis. Daniil needs an instrument for rehabilitation which could be used at home. One more child was born in the family, and for the parents there will be no opportunity to leave home for the boy?s treatment in the nearest future. We are asking you to help in buying a special ?Adeli? suit for Daniil. The price of the suit is 20,200 rubles.
21 September 2012

Here is a quote from the letter written by Daniil’s mother:

We call Daniil — Pozitivchik. He hardly moves, underwent 5 surgeries, we constantly transport him here & there for treatment, give him drugs and injections, make painful massage and make him do physical training. We are exhausted, but he smiles. He is a buoyant, sunny boy!

In March of this year a new child was born in our family. Now it became absolutely impossible to leave the city in search of a treatment. I can’t leave the newborn, the father can’t take a vacation since his job is the only source of income in our household, at least it allows to buy medicines for Daniil. And there is no specialized treatment in our city. Therefore we are forced to forget about trips for several years. But we can’t leave Daniil without physical exercise either, it’s the only way for him to become unassisted.

We are begging you for help in buying the «Adeli» suit for our son. It allows children suffering from infantile cerebral paralysis to learn walking without leaving home. Such suit costs 20,200 rubles. We do our best to pay for everything Daniil needs ourselves, but we have no funds for the suit. Please, help us!

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