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Denisov Roma, 4 years old

Date of birth: 16 April 2007.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. This fall Roma needs to have a course of casting in Yevpatoriya rehabilitation center, but his treatment might be cancelled. His parents don’t have the money — 139,720 rubles (4,853 dollars). They need your help!
26 August 2011

Look at Roma’s picture! Look at that widest, happiest smile. He is 4 years old and smiling is his first achievement. Several months ago he couldn’t do that. His parents didn’t hope he’d ever learn, they were tired after 4 years of unsuccessful attempts to fight the consequences of his disease. Roma finally showed some improvement after a month’s course in Yevpatoriya rehabilitation center.

A smile. Seems like a very small achievement to be talking about it so much. But it is huge for Roma. He probably smiles just because he wants to show to everyone that he can do it, that he can learn to do other things too. He definitely can learn, but he needs correct treatment, at least 2 times a year.

The parents were able to scrape the money together for the first treatment. The next course with casting is supposed to happen in the fall, but they are out of money already. 139,720 rubles (4,853 dollars) is an incredible amount of money for the family with a disabled child. However, this amount of money will determine what else Roma will learn, whether he’ll ever start walking or talking. Help Roma!

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