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Dobryanskiy Sergey, 28 years old

Date of birth: 30 January 1988.

Diagnosis: Spinal cord trauma. Sergey underwent a unique operation, so now he has every chance to restore his ability to move. But this chance will be lost, unless he starts to get a special course of rehabilitative training. Sergey does not possess enough money to pay for the course at a cost of RUB 308 000. He does need your help!
26 April 2017

Last year Sergey took part in a unique programme; he became the first patient in this country to undergo two operations, during which his own neuronal stem cells were transplanted to his dorsal spinal cord and his brain. Several studies in the field have shown that due to this treatment an activity of a paralyzed body may be restored. However, to achieve tangible results, after the operation has been performed the patient is to take a long, ceaseless course of rehabilitative treatment. The thing is, it will not suffice to allow the body make movements again; after several years spent without any movement, it has to ‘remember’ the way it should act. Unfortunately, the rehabilitative treatment was not included in the programme. Sergey has no opportunity to pay for it on his own: it costs RUB 308 200; he cannot do any work; his parents are pensioners; all their savings have already been spent. Not to miss his chance and get the course of rehabilitation, Sergey asks you for help: please, help him to raise the required sum!

From Sergey’s letter:

I got Cervical spine trauma in 2013. As soon as I was discharged from the hospital, I started to do my best to leave my bed. Surprisingly, each day I felt I was gaining more and more strength. So, I kept alive my hope. I have learnt to sit back without any aid supporting my back; I have trained arm muscles; due to regular trainings, I have learnt how to manage every centimeter of my back and torso, which seemed to ‘have disappeared’ after the trauma. Today I am working at rolling over, and learn to ‘walk on elbows’. All these things did not appear by the wave of the hand — these are the results of my hard work, of many hours of exhausting trainings. So, you should never think that all these years I was wasting time, was doing nothing but waiting for some miracle treatment, which would put me on my legs at once.

Still, when I learnt about the programme, I decided to get the chance and to catch at the straw. They explained to me that due to the operations, years of trainings would shrink into months, while the obtained results would be the same or even better. I would walk again, would find a job, would marry and lead a normal life. The only thing I failed to foresee was I had no money for the rehabilitation. My body now is able to move, but I cannot control and manage it — and I will not cope with this problem on my own. Meanwhile, time is slipping away, and the effect of the treatment may fade away as well. I do realise that one will not succeed without trying hard. I am doing my best to fight for my future, but I will not cope with it without your support. The cost for the treatment is too high for me. I beg you for help!

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