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Enileeva Milana, 5 years old

Date of birth: 3 December 2005.
Tashkent city, Uzbekistan.

Diagnosis: congenital underdevelopment of the left shoulder joint, chest deformation, chest muscle atrophy. She needs a complicated surgery and treatment. In 2007 she had the first correction, the second surgery is scheduled for May 16, 2011. The cost is 164,990 rubles (5,900 dollars).
10 April 2011

It has been almost 4 years since the first surgery. Milana grew a lot, she goes to the kindergarten and started preparing for school. It is time to do the second surgery, Milana is expected in the Research Institution n.a. Turner in St. Petersburg on May 16, 2011. The surgery is a very complicated one, with a long rehabilitation period afterwards. Doctors said that the whole treatment might take 4 months and that the family would need to rent an apartment near the hospital so that the child could do necessary rehabilitation procedures. Milana’s mom is a teacher in a preschool center, and her dad is a forwarding agent. They make good money for Uzbekistan, but they had to save for a year to buy tickets to St. Petersburg, because prices in Russia and Uzbekistan are so different. The family does not have enough money for the surgery. Milana is used to doing many things with just one hand, but still would like to have both hands working. Other children make fun of her for not being like them. The cost of the surgery is 164,990 rubles. We are asking for your help.

Comments from the dean of reconstructive microsurgery and hand surgery department in the Research Institution n.a. Turner Safonov Andrey Valerievich, M.D.:

Having both upper limbs and more importantly hands is very important for every person. It means wider choice of profession and better social adaptation. It also means more balanced perception of the outside world, especially for children. Psychologists say there is a connection between child’s hand control and intellectual development, especially the speech formation. Our department’s experience with this hand pathology will allow us to solve a number of problems with Milana’s hand.

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