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Polina F., 27 years old

Date of birth: 9 June 1989.
Arkhangelsk Oblast, Severodvinsk.

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis (CF). Polina needs medical treatment. Antibiotic ’Bramitob’ could cease worthening of the acute condition that has been lasting for too long in order to bring Polina back to her habitual life: back to her job, to her husband, to her daughter. But the young woman’s family cannot afford to buy the medicine at a cost of RUB 343 500. She needs your help!
7 November 2016

During all her life Polina has been struggling for the right to be an ordinary person, to be like everyone else, not to be treated as different, not to be done favours because of her genetic illness. This was her strength, as she saw it. But today she faces a problem with which she cannot cope on her own — and has to do nothing but confess to her self that she does need help. She needs the medicine that she cannot afford. Her state of health is getting increasingly worse, and her strong character is now not enough to stay alive. The drug costs RUB 343 500. We beg you to help Polina!

From Polina’s letter:

I was given a correct diagnosis only when I was seven; before that they had been treating my right lung and had finally deleted part of it. Still, I did start going to school and was trying to do my best to catch up. Though, to tell the truth, it was a laborious task. Very often I became discouraged and desperate — my classmates avoided me because of my horrifying cough.

Since my ninth form I have been dreaming of becoming a doctor. I was doing my best to get ready for the exams to enter the university, despite serious problems with health. Very often I had to stay in hospital; while I was having an intravenous therapy, I was learning materials for the exams. I entered the university on competitive basis. It was something to be really proud of; but at that time I had no idea what a difficult task I would have to fulfil. Professors and group mates came one after another, curriculum and demands differed one from another — but the way they were treating me remained the same. I was surrounded by doctors, professors of medicine and budding specialists in the field, and, still, they all were afraid of my cough like my schoolmates used to do. Surprisingly, quite a few of them had never heard about CF, so I had to explain to them that this is a genetic disease, and they would not catch it from me. Still, it did not really change their attitude to me.

During the years at the university some tragic events also happened. I had two attack of lung bleeding, and so was staying in hospital for several times; this fact almost caused my dismissing from the university in my fifth grade. Another tragedy was to become infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa — something I was afraid of since my childhood. Then came horrifying attacks of hemoptysis, which seemed to last forever. But there were good events as well. I have chosen a field of rontgenology, graduated from internship, found a job and realised that I simply adore my profession. I met my husband, a wonderful man who was bold enough to share his life with me. We adopted a child, now that is our daughter Dasha. My family does a lot for me; as for me, I must be healthy in the sake of my closest people. Though, it is getting increasingly difficult for me.

I met last year while getting an intravenous therapy. I had a period of acute condition and was brought back to life by an enormous effort. Then I realised that I had to do something about my disease. Long ago the doctors had already recommended that I should take an antibiotic, but we could not afford it, so I failed to take it; now my husband somehow managed to find the medicine. The drug was overdue, and there was a small amount of it, but even under such circumstances my state of health got improved. Actually, the problem returned as soon as I ran out of the drug. I should take a full course of treatment, that is what my doctor advises me.

I always tried to cope with my problems on my own. But it is impossible any longer. The medicine costs an enormous sum; neither my husband, nor me earn enough to afford it. I want to stay alive so much! I want to be a good mother for our daughter and a good wife for my dear husband. I want to breathe, to work, to love and to bring up the child. I must not be sick. But I will not cope with it without your assistance. I beg you to help me!

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