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Pavel Fesenko, 20 years old

In January of this year, Pavel was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma in the pelvic bones. To continue the course of poly-chemotherapy the young man needs 8 ampoules of Neupogen. To help Pavel we must raise $2,000. Required funds was gathered, medication was paid. Thank you!

Pasha is the second son in the family. The parents pinned great hopes on the smart and responsible boy. Hit by the terrible illness — Ewing's sarcoma in the pelvic bones — a year ago today, at the age of 20 he is unable to study, work or help his family.

Pavel is currently receiving treatment at the Rostov Cancer Institute. His parents live in Volgodonsk, Rostov Region, his sister Tatiana is a student at a Volgograd university. It was Tatiana who asked our foundation to help her brother.

Pavel's mother, a cashier responsible for distributing old age pensions, is not working at the moment, as she is taking care of her son; her husband, Pavel's father, works as a fitter. In total, the family earns $300 per month.

In her letter to Tatiana wrote:

Pasha is my younger brother, although we both are 4th-year students. Pasha is a student at the Volgodonsk branch of Novocherkassk Polytechnic University, where he studies microelectronics and solid-state electronics. However, he was unable to pass his winter exams as he went down with illness, but he is smart and will catch up with the others without fail, I am certain! While at school and after finishing it Pavel went in for wrestling, he took part in competitions. His other hobby is computer science and technologies, hence his choice of future profession.

Pavel fell ill in early summer of last year. He complained of pains in the waist and thighs, suffered from fever… We were shocked to hear that Pavel was diagnosed with sarcoma. In several days Pavel is to undergo a course of poly-chemotherapy but we cannot afford to buy Neupogen. Out of the 10 ampoules Pavel needs our parents have managed to buy only 2.

Pasha needs consultation and treatment at the pelvic and vertebral surgery department of the Blokhin Research Institute. After his condition is stabilized he will have to have a bone marrow transplant — something our family will never be able to afford. Our mom fears that once we arrive in Moscow and fail to pay for treatment, our boy will suffer from psychological trauma. In Rostov, there are many children who have been forced to leave the Institute as their parents failed to pay for their treatment, and all the kids were very depressed.

I have heard many times before that cancer treatment in this country is free but now I see that's not so. They say a diagnosis is not a sentence. But that's true only where a patient can afford treatment and all the necessary medicines. But people want to live, regardless of whether they have money or not! Especially when you are only 20 years old. Please help us.

Pavel needs $2,000 to buy 8 ampoules of Neupogen.

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