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Rita Fidirko, 4 years old

Little Rita suffers from cerebral palsy and tetraparesis, she needs a course of treatment. We paid the bill of $5,805. The girl is responding well to treatment, and if it is not interrupted Rita will be able to walk and to look after herself, doctors say.

A letter from Tatyana Fidirko, Rita’s mother:

I got my Rita through a complicated birth. The doctors did all they could, but she was a large baby and her neck vertebrae were injured, while a loop in the umbilical cord led to asphyxia. My daughter’s life started with breathing apparatus and catheters. But we have lived through it. And we are fighting her illness every day.

We are under great pressure, as in the beginning Rita could not even hold up her head. From her very first days she was treated by doctors in the Rostov Pediatric Hospital, but this treatment did not help.

Then we tried a course of treatment with bio-active medication developed by the Moscow Institute of Medical Technologies. In two months Rita could turn over, she is already trying to sit up and even to stand. For the first time in four years I heard her say “mommy”. She shows us every new movement with such delight!

I was told in the very beginning that we would need at least 10 courses of treatment with 3-month intervals and that we could not skip a single course. The next course is in March, doctors from the Institute of Medical Technologies will soon arrive in Rostov-on-Don, but I have no money to pay them.

I took a loan from the bank for the first course. Now we live together with my daughter on my 85-dollar salary (I work as a registry clerk in a communal facilities firm) and benefit. Rita’s father refused to have anything to do with us and left, he is not paying any alimony. Please, help us to pay for the treatment!

Comments from Olga Rymareva, deputy director of the Institute of Medical Technologies
“Rita’s case is very complicated. She suffers from tetraparesis, acute arrest of psychic and speech development and cerebral palsy. But she is responding to treatment and this gives us hope! If the treatment is not interrupted Rita will be able to walk and look after herself.”

May 24, 2006

Pavel Aleksandrovich transfered $ 3,357 for Rita. Thank you! Required funds was gathered.

April 13, 2006

The first two donations were received today — we got $ 2,140 from Pavel Aleksandrovich and $ 300 from an anonimous donor. Thank you very much.

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