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Gnezdilov Kirill, 14 years

Chelyabinsk, Russia.

The diagnosis: cerebral palsy. The cost of the treatment course in specialised centre “Ogonek” is 130,000 Rubles ($4,333 or €2,954). Kirill’s grandmother, who raises the boy on her own, is unable to pay for the treatment. Please, help!
20 September 2009

Kirill was born pre-term, at the sixth month of pregnancy, and had a birth trauma — his second cervical vertebra was broken. When he was six month old, Kirill was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and his mum was told that her son will never walk, talk, or make any conscious actions. She was offered to put a child at a specialized facility. Kirill’s parents have agreed with doctors, and refused their parental obligations right after the terrible diagnosis. But his grandmother, Tatyana Alekseevna Ermachkova, could not reconcile with the destiny which has awaited her grandson in the orphanage, and has requested guardianship over Kirill.

Now, after 14 years, Kirill has learnt to move independently with an aid of crutches, and is partially able to take care of himself. Doctors are calling him “perspective”, and the persistence of the grandmother and grandson during the struggle against illness hold up as an example to other parents. Kirill is good at his studies, and since he cannot attend school like other children, the teachers come to him. He is a very hardworking and sociable boy. Kirill dreams of recovery, of the time when he will grow up and become the computer animation artist. Kirill tries to draw, but views his creative attempts self-critically: “It does not turn out yet, as it should, but I work on my fingers”.

The rehabilitation course in centre “Ogonek” costs 130 000 roubles. The family cannot pay for the expensive treatment on the two pensions that they receive. The grandmother and the grandson very much require your support.

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