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Golubev Vsevolod, 4 years old

Date of birth: 5 February 2006.
Kstovo city, Nizhegorodskaya oblast'.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Seva has a chance for a normal life in the future. Right now his illness only shows when you see him walk. Walking problems can be fixed in the special clinic in Ukraine. Seva’s parents cannot pay for the trip right now, but the treatment is needed soon. We are asking you to help Seva!
23 May 2011

We are asking you to help Seva get treatment in Yevpatoria. Last time he came back from there with a lot of achievements, treatment did miracles for his recovery. However the process is not finished. Doctor’s recommendation says: «Prolonged rehabilitation is recommended». The simple fact is that one course of treatment is not enough.

Seva’s parents do everything for their boy to start walking freely. In between courses they exercise at home every day. Seva has a whole wall equipped with different kinds of home-made exercise devices that he uses for his recovery. He also goes to the swimming pool, to get massages and other therapeutical procedures. All those things cost money, and when the summer comes, the parents end up with no money left. Summer is the best time to go to the rehabilitation clinic, but the parents cannot save enough money, even though they try hard. The only option in this situation is to ask you for help. This year the course of treatment in Yevpatoria costs 84,900 rubles (3,000 dollars). We ask you to help Seva again!

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