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Goncharova Sasha, 4

Sasha (Alexandra) was a premature baby, born after 6 months of pregnancy. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Ever since the day she was born, her parents have been fighting for her life and health. Sasha has been through 3 courses of treatment at Professor Skvortzov's research and therapy centre, and the results are very encouraging. The doctors are giving good prognoses for the future, and recommend to continue with the rehabilitation treatment.
We invite you to help the family in collecting 39 500 Roubles (1 645 USD) for a course of treatment at Professor Skvortzov's therapy centre. The treatment course is scheduled for the end of November 2007. We have now collected 15 208 Roubles (634 USD)

From the letter we received from Sasha's mother:

My daughter Sashenka was born premature, after 6 months of pregnancy. From the moment of her birth, me and my husband (he works in the army) have been fighting for the life and health of this child which we have been waiting for for so long. She was first in intensive care at the hospital, then she was treated in St. Nicholas-hospital in St. Petersburg.

When Aleksandra was two months old, we were sent to the army settlement Odintzovo-10 in Moscow region. There she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. In 2006 we learned about Research and Therapy centre of Professor Skvortzov and their success with treatment of similar conditions. In December last year we were admitted to the first course of treatment, and achieved positive results. The function of her left brain hemisphere improved, and motoric function of the hands developed.

As of today, we have received 3 courses of treatment at Professor Skvortzov's therapy centre. The doctors tell us that Sasha is an excellent child, and give us very good prognoses for the future. In their opinion, our girl will be able to walk on her own. Normally she walks holding our hand or holding on to something, but once she must have forgotten that she has to hold on to something and started walking across the room without support! We were so happy!

Sashenka is a very clever and versatile child, she has very good memory, and loves to memorize poems and then recite these for us, she sets together puzzles containing 9 pieces. She loves to sing caraoke, and her favorite song is «White boats».

When she was 3,5 years old, she started to get interested in letters, and we feel it is not long until she kan start to learn how to read. Sashenka can already count to 10, sometimes to twenty. We are also giving her the necessary treatment at home — we have bought a stimulator, give her massages and injections.

To be able to improve Sasha's condition, she has to continue to receive rehabilitation treatment. Unfortunately, we are unable to pay for it on our own, and hope for your support.

11 December 2007

We would like to thank Pavel Sukhoruchkin for 25 000 Roubles for Sasha. Sasha has now taken the course of treatment at Professor Skvortzov’s clinic. It is still too early to speak about results, she is now resting after the exhausting days of therapy. Evyer day she received dozens of injections and muscle massages. “Mommy, please take me away from here!” – she often told her mother, but still managed to complete the course. The next course of therapy is suggested for June 2008, and the family will again need your help and support.

4 December 2007

Kirill Zvigun donated 1940 RUB (81 USD) for Sasha. Thank you! Now we need to collect 24 292 RUB (1012 USD).

3 December 2007

Asainova P. donated 500 RUB (21 USD), Anna Zemenkova – 2000 RUB (83 USD) for Sasha. Thank you!

30 November 2007

Esipovalyudmila donated 1000 RUB (42 USD) for Sasha, Konstantin – 1610 RUB (67 USD). Thank you very much!

27 November 2007

A group of students at Moscow State University arranged several free mini-concerts at Arbat in the center of Moscow, in order to collect funds for children who need help. They managed to collect 8 159 RUB (340 USD). This amount will be donated for Sasha’s treatment. Thank you very much!

Sashenka is our most “urgent” child. She is expected for the next course of treatment in the clinic on November 29th, 2007. We have a co-operation with Professor Skvortzov’s center, and the center agrees to admit her for treatment without pre-payment. We hope therefore, that during the two weeks Sasha will be staying at the center receiving her treatment, we will be able to raise the rest of the treatment cost - 31 342 RUB (1 306 USD).

Invoice for the course of treatment
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