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Goryacheva Diana, 7 years old

Date of birth: 16 May 2003.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Diana shows incredible persistence in exercise therapy, she can also spend a lot of time practicing with a speech therapist or studying letters and numbers. This is all because she really wants to play with healthy kids. The doctors recommend a rehabilitation course in a specialized health resort. This course costs 72,000 rubles (2,350 USD).
13 July 2010

We continue helping Diana deal with the consequences of cerebral palsy. In september she is scheduled to undergo a rehabilitation course in the International Clinic of Rehabilitation Treatment n.a. Professor Kozyavkin in Truskavets, Ukrain.

2009 has brought a lot of events for Diana and her family. They have moved to Moscow from a small town with the help of Diana’s aunt. She has a specialized day care center for the kids with musculoskeletal disorders right near her house. So she decided that Diana absolutely needs to go there, and invited all of Diana’s family to live with her. This center has all the necessary specialists (speech therapist, defectologist, massage therapist), a swimming pool, considerate staff. Diana enjoys it a lot in this day care center and she loves being around other children.

Diana’s parents have a goal of putting their daughter back on her feet, so that she can go to a regular school. They still have time as the first three years in school all classes take place in the same room and DIana can use a wheel chair. After that kids have to move from one classroom to another and it will be extremely hard for a disabled person. Schools in Russia are not accommodated for wheel chairs.

The cost of one rehabilitation course that Diana is supposed to undergo in september costs 1,845 euros (about 72,000 rubles or 2,350 USD). The girl’s father is the only one who has a job in the family. He works as a security guard and his salary would not be enough to raise even a healthy child. Diana’s disability pension isn’t helping much either, it only pays parts of medical bills. Diana has no chance of getting better without your help.

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