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Grishenko Mikhail, 26 years old

Date of birth: 16 February 1985.
Sharypovo, Krasnoyarskii krai.

Diagnosis: spinal trauma. Mikhail needs help in paying for treatment in a specialized rehabilitation center. The cost is 104,400 rubles (3,520 dollars).
30 August 2011

From Mikhail’s letter:

In June 2004 after finishing my second year in college I went to a sports camp, where I dove into the river and broke my neck. As a result my legs and arms don’t move, the whole body doesn’t move, I could only turn my head. I couldn’t eat or drink by myself, my mom had to feed me. I spent 32 days in ICU, doctors were fighting for my life all that time. I developed large bed sores, blood poisoning, pyelonephritis, double pneumonia, dystrophy and many other problems.

Six months after the trauma I got back home, all exhausted and absolutely helpless. Doctors didn’t leave me any hope for recovery, they said that I was lucky enough to survive. You can’t imagine how desperate I was back then. Thank God I found strength to not give up. I promised myself that I’d start walking again, whatever it takes.

First my mom did all the exercise for me, and finally I was able to move my hand enough to feed myself. Later after countless attempts I was able to sit up in bed, then I I was able to sit in the wheel chair. At first they would have to tie me to the chair, because I’d fall out. Then I learned to lift my head up and hold it up. I learned a lot of things that seem very simple for normal people, but I had to work hard to learn them all over again. Finally I learned to sprawl ! It was a big victory!

Now I’m at a point where I am ready to start learning how to walk. I know that in Bersk city in Novosibirskaya oblast there is a great rehabilitation center Ortos where they specialize in treating patients like me using kinesitherapy, mechanical treatment, electrical stimulation, special swimming pools and many other things. Treatment in that center is very expensive. My disability social benefit is 4,000 rubles (135 rubles), my father is an engineer and my mom doesn’t work because she has to stay with me. Besides my parents took a loan for my treatment and are paying that out now. Please, help me get to the rehabilitation center. My only goal is to live a normal and healthy life, instead of just sitting in the wheel chair watching other people out of the window"

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