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Khalimov Bekhruz, 3 years old

Date of birth: 13 May 2007.
Dushanbe, Tadzhikistan.

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. The boy has already had the first surgery in Bakulev’s hospital. After that he could stand up for the first time in his life, and not be short of breath. Soon he’ll need the second surgery. His dad has been doing everything for him, tried to find money any and every way he could. Still this surgery is too expensive. They need 262,000 rubles (9,000 dollars).
10 November 2011

They are both fighting. Little Bekhruz is fighting for his own life, and his dad Radzhab is fighting for the life of his son. The boy was born with a weak heart. The surgery was postponed for 3 years. All this time the dad worked hard to make enough money for the surgery and watched his son get worse and worse every day. Bekhruz didn’t walk, didn’t talk, ate very little and cried at nights. Radzhab couldn’t understand why the surgery had to be postponed, but he believed the doctors who promised to save his boy.

All my relatives and friends told me that I should quit trying, that we are still young and we’ll have other children. Even my wife didn’t support me when we found out about our son’s disease. She accepted things the way they were. But I just couldn’t.

For the next three years Radzhab took care of his son and tried to make enough money for all the treatment. But everything he made was spent on food and medicine. It seemed like they only had to survive until the life-saving surgery and everything would change. After three years it turned out that the surgery had to be postponed again, until the boy turns 7 years old. Radzhab knew his son would never live that long, so he started looking for help in Russia. He took the boy to the Bakulev’s hospital with only 30% of money that were necessary for the surgery. He also had faith in good people. The rest of the money was collected by the charity fund «Kalin-fund». Bekhruz’s life was saved.

The surgery lasted 6 hours. The result was even better than the doctors had hoped. 4 days later Bekhruz took his first steps on his own. Since he never walked before, he didn’t have any shoes. He had to walk just barefoot. Doctors told me he needed shoes. I went to buy some, we don’t know anyone in Moscow, so I had to go myself. I also couldn’t leave my son for long, so I just went around the hospital looking for some cheap shoes, but there were only very expensive stores around. I ended up paying 3,000 rubles (about 120 dollars) for sandals. And that was after a discount! But I didn’t care. Those were my son’s first shoes!

The first surgery saved the boy’s life. Doctors did everything to make him feel better. Unfortunately, they couldn’t completely fix the disorder. The heart is still not working correctly and the life is still in danger. Bekhruz needs the second surgery, and the doctors say he needs it as soon as possible, preferably this spring. Radzhab needs to find a lot of money again, the surgery costs 262,000 rubles (9,000 dollars). He is asking you to help save his son.

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