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Khairmullina Aysha, 10 days old

Date of birth: 24 February 2011.
Kazakhstan, Uralsk city.

Diagnosis: congenital heart disorder. Only an urgent surgery can save Aysha. Parents need 100,000 rubles (3,550 dollars) more. They need your help!
5 March 2011

Aysha looks really bad, all hooked up to machines. She is tiny and seems very fragile. She has just been born, and already doesn’t have any strength to live.

The little heart isn’t working properly, like other babies’ hearts. Her organism developed enough to survive through labor, but now she needs surgeons’ help. Doctors in Kazakhstan don’t have enough experience to operate on new-born babies. They also don’t have the necessary equipment. Aysha’s parents don’t have a choice other than to take her to Samara Cardiology Center. There the child can be saved.

Aysha’s parents managed to collect 140,000 rubles (4,700 dollars). They could have collected it all in a few months. But Aysha can’t wait, the surgery is needed as soon as possible. We’re asking you to help collect the missing 100,000 rubles (3,550 dollars). Time is running out.

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