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Maksim Ignatiev, 13 years old

Date of birth: 1 August 1999.
Laishevo, Republic of Tatarstan.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Maksim’s father is his only parent. He does everything he can for his son, but he cannot afford by himself the treatment necessary. We would like to ask you kindly to help Maksim get to the Evpatoria Central Children’s Clinical Sanatorium for a course of plaster cast treatment. The voucher to the sanatorium costs 164,910 rubles (approx. $5,297).
26 November 2012

Maksim was born with a severe form of cerebral palsy. At first his parents refused to believe that their son would never be able to walk and talk and kept saying that he was healthy. This is what all parents of children with serious diseases do. However, once the crying gave way to action they decided to do everything possible to make their son happy. He might not be the best in his class at playing football, climbing trees or swimming, but making him happy is his parents’ duty.

Maksim grew up in the atmosphere of love and care. His father earned the money to pay for his treatment, and his mother devoted all her time to her son. But 4 years ago another tragedy happened: Maksim lost his mother. Since then he has been living with his grandmother, while his father works from morning till night to earn enough money for the food, clothes and treatment for his son. The family has never asked for help before, always counting on their own resources, but now Maksim’s father is at a loss: the doctors have recommended the serial application of plaster casts as the only possible way to cure the spasticity in the boy’s legs and teach him to walk on his own. The treatment course costs 164,910 rubles.

It was the dream of Maksim’s parents to see their son walk on his own, and in memory of his wife Evgeny Ignatiev made the decision to ask all good people for help. We kindly ask you to help us raise the money for Maksim’s treatment. It might be the boy’s only chance to learn to walk.

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