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Ignatov Maxim, 6 years

Date of birth: 3 October 2002.
Kaliningrad, Russia.

The diagnosis: consequences of the closed craniocereberal injury. Four years ago Maxim has fallen in a well. The outcome of his injuries was an extensive stroke. Because of it the right party of a boy’s body was paralyzed and his speech was gone. During years of treatment Maxim has achieved much, but hand and foot movements are still limited, and it is necessary to continue treatment. Next year Maxim will go to school. It is necessary for him to receive full medical treatment in order to restore the movement activity. Cost of a course is 130,000 Rubles ($4,190 or €3,023). The treatment is paid for. Thank you!
19 September 2009

Gathering of donations for Maxim is finished, the rehabilitation course is paid for. Many thanks for your help! On September, 21st Maxim is expected to start the treatment in centre “Ogonek”.

From Ignatov’s family letter:

Dear friends! Our family thanks everyone who did not remain indifferent to our trouble and has helped our son to continue treatment, having transferred money to us. We were very much touched by the fact, that when we faced such a problem, knowing that miracles do not occur in real life, something wonderful had happened nevertheless. For our Maxim it is a true birthday gift, because he will spend it in “Ogonek”. On September, 21st he is expected there for the next course of treatment. And in spite of the fact that there he will be engaged in the strenuous physical activities for 5 hours per day and will have to endure various procedures, he goes there with pleasure, because the result is visible to him.

You give real possibility to the people who have found themselves in trouble, not to give up hope, and to our children — a possibility to live.

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