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Boarding School No.80

Boarding School No.80 is situated in a house built back in 1936. The building is still quite sound, but it is far from comfortable as a boarding school. Six or seven children have to live in one room, and even some redecoration failed to make the interior any cozier.

The best solution would be to make two smaller rooms out of one large one by adding a separating wall in the middle and making an extra doorway. This would cost about $2,000 (priming of the walls, whitening, wallpaper, lamps, window frames, a doorway and labor).

One of the floors needs a new floor covering, lamps, plastic wall panels — painting the old brick walls is no use, the paint keeps falling off with bits of the old wall coating. However, transportation remains the school’s biggest problem. The school has two PAZ buses that are very old and difficult to run. Moreover, they are banned for use in Moscow as passenger vehicles, making excursions and day trips to the city centre impossible for the children. A large comfortable minibus costs on average from 22,000$ to 28,000$.

As winter approaches, the issue of warm clothing for the children arises, too. The boarding school has 120 children aged from 7 to 18. Each child receives an allowance of 46$ a season for clothes, too little to buy all the necessary warm clothes. The school would be very grateful to receive help purchasing clothes and footwear for the children.

Most of the boarding school children experience problems with their teeth. Although the school has its own dental surgery, the dentist from a local clinic has only come to carry out checks once in the last two years. The problem could be solved by either inviting a dentist to check the children’s teeth once a month, or by paying a dentist at the local clinic.

To cap it all, there are new instructions from the Prosecutor’s Office that are quite reasonable but lack the funds to be implemented: according to the instructions, all the children have to receive a daily vitamin supplement and vitamin-rich products, costing a minimum of 417$ a month.

13 September 2009

Madonna visited the Boarding School No.80 in Moscow. Enter our Russian site to see more pictures and read the whole story in Russian.

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