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Isokhzhonova Mohidil, 13 years old

Date of birth: 16 June 2003.
The Republic of Uzbekistan, Okhmachit village.

Diagnosis: Ostesarcoma of the right femur. The illness has damaged the bone tissue, so now it is inevitable that the girl should use a prosthesis. The family has already spent all their savings on the four-month course of treatment in Russia; thus, they have no money to pay for the operation. We beg you to assist in collecting RUB 623 036 to proceed with the treatment. The girl’s family cannot do without your help!
22 August 2016

The newspaper ‘Komsomolskaya Pravda’ published an article about Mohidil. We thank the readers of the newspaper, who have already sent their responses to the girl’s problem to the editors. Together we can help Mohidil and save her leg.

3 August 2016

Four months ago Mohidil’s mother brought her daughter to Moscow leaving behind in her native Uzbekistan village her husband and another two children. It was extremely difficult for her to be parted from them — she knows that each of them needs her badly. But Mohidil was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma, i.e. bone cancer. The girl was about to take the courses of chemotherapy, prosthetics and, at the worst, the girld would have her leg amputated. Mohidil did need her mother more than the rest.

Nobody was able to help Mohidil in Uzbekistan, it was just recommended that she should be taken to Russia. So her father sold his car off and asked his friends and relatives to lend him more money. In total the sum he raised was rather huge: it was enough to stay in the department of oncology in SPC ‘Children Medical Care’ for four months to take four courses of chemo. But the illness did not consider the invested efforts — it has damaged the bone tissue, so now Mohidil needs prosthetics being made. However, the family cannot afford it.

Mohidil does believe that the doctors will save her leg, that she will walk without any constrains and difficulties, and will be wearing high-hilled shows at her school-leaving party. Her brother and sister often send SMS massages to the girl; they write that they do worry for their sister and are waiting for her to come home healthy. The girl’s sister knits hats of bright colours so that Mohidil were not so upset looking at the results of chemotherapy in a mirror. Her six-year old brother promises to grow up faster to take care of the girl and to protect her: «Let you be cured as soon as possible!» But their father confines himself to making short phone calls to learn the news. He adores his elder daughter, but he must not surrender his emotions, as now he is the only person in the family who can get money. That is why he will do his best to complete the course of treatment for his child. But they have nothing else to be sold and nobody to borrow from; the only hope they have is the people’s mercy. The cost of Mohidil’s operation is RUB 623 036. We ask you to help the family to cure the child!

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